Attentive Gambling – Know How to Guard Yourself

Posted on: 20th October 2014

Attentive GamblingBelieve it or not, but gambling attracts crowd much larger in size than sport activities as that of Football and Badminton. It’s a business activity having a turnover worth billions of dollars, while for some, gambling is a source of income offering higher wages as compared to other corresponding routine jobs. But whatever may be the reason, the repercussions of mindless gambling can be grave and serious. You may lose all your money in one-go for winning something superfluous. Be attentive and keep all threats at bay while keeping in mind these worthy suggestions.

Do Not Befriend Anyone: A casino court is not just visited by one or two individuals, but thousands in a single day. Come on, we had a reason when we said that ‘it’s a business activity having a turnover worth billions of dollars’. People throng casinos in large numbers every day and thus, you are bound to confront people having similar intentions of winning big but sacrificing less. While you can be genuine enough not to resort to mind-games and deceiving tactics you cannot expect the same from others. Some fraudsters enter casinos not to play but to con gamblers. Thus, it is not advisable to trust anyone when you are under the casino roof. Better stay on your own and do not be friends with anyone.

Be Alert: It simply mean ‘Mind your Mind’ while gambling because not only, it makes you lose money but can impact your life drastically. While on the table or in front of machines, do not let your mind get distracted. The casino’s job is to break your concentration. No offense!

Pay Taxes Timely: Under the joy and excitement of winning an outstanding cash prize do not forget the necessary post-win formalities. One such important-to-do job is paying taxes, but to government and not to any intermediary. Taxes must be paid to Federal Government on all gambling wins. There is a certain fixed amount till which taxes are exempted, but when the winning prize exceeds the said amount, you become liable to pay taxes and mentioning on the tax return.

Say ‘No’ to Registration Fees: For gambling, you are not required to pay any registration amount. If any online gambling site or any casino owner asking you to pay a registration amount, then it is an illegal practice. Although, few of them may ask you to pay but such an amount will be considerably low.

Watch out for Scams: Scams are likely to occur wherever money is involved. Be cautious of gambling scams. Be vigilant of online gambling sites which ask you to provide your credit card info or other banking details as you may never know when they leave you empty-handed by withdrawing all your money. Sometimes, such fraudsters provide you with fake checks.

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