Are You Water Training Your Stomach – 5 Things You Should Know

Posted on: 19th August 2014

If you are a food contest fan and are training to increase your stomach’s capacity with water, you need to know that there something called “too much water” and when you drink too much water, it will harm you.

What Is Water Intoxication?

Water intoxication is the condition of a person whose sodium in the body becomes too diluted. This happens when the person drinks too much water without electrolytes as a result of which the sodium concentration in the body is drastically reduced. This condition is known as hyponatremia.

To balance the condition the water outside the cell rushes inside the cell where the concentration of sodium is high causing the cells to reach a point of bursting.

Water Training Your StomachWhat Are Symptoms Of Water Intoxication?

Electrolyte imbalance will feel like the person is drowning. Some of the key symptoms you will find here are:

-      irregular heartbeat

-      fluid in the lungs

-      fluttering eyelids

-      slurring of words

-      seizures owing to the increasing pressure on the brain due to the tissue swelling

-      coma, and if not treated, even death

What Counters Water Intoxication?

Water intoxication can be countered by administration of hypertronic saline solution to bring balance to the sodium in the body. It is important that this may be administered before too much tissue damage is done. If caught in time, the swelling will be reduced and the person can recover fully within 2-3 days.

How Much Water Is Too Much?

Your kidneys, i.e. the kidneys of an adult can processes as much as 15 liters of water every day.  Hence, as long as you drink water over the span of the day, you are unlikely to get water intoxicated. Most adult are advised to drink about 3 quarts of water per day to ensure that the body’s systems function optimally. However, not all the water needs to be drank as a good amount comes from your food. Hence, about 8-10 glasses of water spread all over the day is about enough water. The quantity of water may increase if you are exercising, the weather is too hot and dry, you are sweating too much or you are under specific medication.

Water intoxication happens when you drink too much water too fast. This is a very rare condition – but it is possible to get water intoxicated. Keep this in mind when you are using water to train your stomach for the next food contest.

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