Are You Addicted To Gambling? Take This Tiny Quiz And Find The Answer

Posted on: 7th July 2014

Gambling AddictionMost people who have a problem with any type of addiction, refuse to believe that they have a problem. A typical answer would be, “I can leave it any time I want.” In the core of your heart you know that there is a problem, but you choose to silence that voice and continue as if nothing is wrong.

Do you want to know for sure whether you have a problem with gambling or not? Do you want to stop before it destroys you and your loved ones? Take this quiz and find the answer to your question.

Are You Addicted To Gambling Quiz

Q1: You find a new site that offers gambling games/ lotto. You know that you should not buy any more. What do you?

  1. Stop. You close the site and look elsewhere.
  2. Go ahead and gamble. Cannot resist the temptation.
  3. Mark the site and decide to come back a little later.

Q2: You need to borrow money to buy a new lottery ticket. Do you:

  1. Find someone to lend you the money and play.
  2. Wait until payday and play if you have any money left after paying the bills.
  3. Choose not to buy.

Q3: You are stressed about something at work or home. The first thing that comes to you mind to de-stress you is:

  1. Play a few games (gamble online) or place a few bets. The high you get would override the anxiety.
  2. Check all your sweepstakes, lottery, contests entered to see whether you won anything.
  3. Talk it out with someone loved in the family.

Q4. You just lost a large amount of money. What do you do:

  1. Find other bets/ lotteries/ games for gambling and immediately start new games/ place new bets. This is the only to recover the lost money.
  2. Find free of cost sweepstakes/ contests with large prizes and hope you will win and get back some money.
  3. Stop gambling.

Q5. You have to go to your son’s/ daughter’s annual program at school. You know it is important for your child to be there. You have the choice to go or stay at home and play some online (gambling) games. What do you do?

  1. Forget about the program and start playing. You will patch it up later with the child.
  2. Reach a little late for the recital/ program because you play a few.
  3. Be there for your child. Gambling is not as important.

Make note of your answers.

-      If your answers are three or more no.1 – you have an addiction problem.

-      If your answers have three or more no.2 – you are on the way to become an addict.

-      If your answers have three or more no.3 – you are unaffected negatively by this hobby.

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