Apple iPad Comparison: Which Model Suits You?

Posted on: 27th February 2013

Apple iPadSince its launch last January 2010, the tech-driven world is in high anticipation of the release of its newer versions. Its iPad 2 is famous for its dual-facing cameras, improved graphics, and faster processor. And then iPad 3 came with sharper resolution (2,048 x 1,536) and comes with Siri voice recognition feature. But Apple just keeps the good stuff rolling because its iPad 4 boasts of processing process twice the capacity of iPad 3. Then iPad Mini came into the scene with its 7.9-inch screen. So, which iPad version is for you? Let’s make a tablet comparison then.

Apple iPad Comparison

With a horde of smart phones and android tablets from different companies these days, why do people still choose Apple’s killer tablet? While others swear that it is an essential part of their lives, some people can only dream of ways to win a tablet that Steve Jobs has predicted to conquer the world in his 1983 speech from 1983.

But if you were one of those people who can brag of getting the then newly-released iPad, would you contemplate of getting the upgraded tablet? Let’s make iPad comparisons to settle the issue of whether to get another iPad or not.

First, the bad news. Owners of the original, first-generation iPad must accept the fact that it cannot run iOS 6. If you are an apps fanatic, then your frustrations won’t subside anytime sooner because of its incompatibility with the base operating system that new features are built in these days. Still, if you can ignore its lack of a Retina display, it is still an impressive tablet to begin with.

For those who own third-generation iPads, your powerful need for a fourth-generation iPad, with its crazy Wi-Fi speed capability and monster processor system, can be put on hold. Curtail your covetous feelings because an iPad 3 is something you still wouldn’t trade for any other contending tablets out there.

Now for excited new buyers. Let’s get straight to the point. It is just all about the correlation of the price with the features that comes with particular iPad version you will burn your money for. Though iPad 2 is worth its internal specifications and just-the-right screen size which starts at $399, the iPad mini which starts at $329 can surpass anything that a second-generation iPad can offer. A $70 difference is still a lot of money. Though you sacrifice a couple of screen inches, its new iOS releases will make up for the lost screen acreage.

But if $499 won’t make you wince, then the fourth-generation iPad is the ultimate tablet to go. Its beefy internals makes it the fastest and most powerful Apple tablet to date. But if compact sizing attracts you more, the iPad mini is still a good deal if you don’t mind its lack of Retina display.

One more thing to remember, though. If storage is a significant feature for you, then be careful what iPad version you will buy. Each base model comes with 16 Gb; the 32 Gb and the 64 Gb costs $100 and $200 more, respectively. It gets pricier with each newer generation iPad so if you don’t want to live with regret, buy as much storage as you can afford.

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