An Extraordinary Food Experience in the Philippines

Posted on: 23rd June 2014

Philippines Extraordinary Food ExperiencePhilippine cuisine is influenced by Chinese, Japanese, Americans, Indian, Arabs and Spanish. It is the main reason why this country has this distinguished of taste that makes it unique. Their food is very flavourful and has a deliciously kick that is something unique.

CPA or Chicken Pork Adobo

This dish is one of the signature food items in the Philippines. It has this intoxicating aroma that will surely make you salivate. It is best paired with hot rice. This dish has different ingredients, depending on the cook, but the usual ingredients are the following: chicken and/or pork, soy sauce, and lots of garlic and vinegar. Add on a sprinkle of fresh ground pepper, a dash of salt to taste as well as laurel leaves and a pinch of sugar. You may request for some chilli pepper for a kick.

Lechon or Roasted Pig

It is mainly the main attraction in birthday parties, town fiestas and other major celebrations such as grand family reunions, silver or golden anniversary, and even company outings way back then. But nowadays, this sumptuous dish can be ordered by anyone at their respective specialty store in their home town. Even restaurants offer them too. The entire pig is marinated in secret sauce and is roasted over coals until it achieves that golden colour and crispiness of skin which everybody loves. It is best served with its tasty liver sauce. The best part of this dish is the skin which is impressively crispy.

Bulalo or Beef Shank Soup

You simply won’t be able to resist the flavourful taste of beef shank and bone marrow – the main ingredients of this dish. This beef shank soup dish is best enjoy when you’re staying in Tagaytay (a city in the Cavite province) because of its cool and relaxing weather but most of the tourist, both local and foreign, relish this dish mainly for the comfort it brings. Just sipping the hot broth and having a bite of the soft beef shank really soothes your senses. One generous serving can be shared by 3 to 5 persons, depending on your appetite. I’ll let you on a secret: ask for calamansi, fish sauce and chilli pepper and you’ll have the perfect bulalo experience.

Tapa or Beef Jerky

The Philippine staple food is rice that is why Filipinos are very passionate in making dishes that will be best paired with it. Breakfast in the home of a typical Filipino family is quite heavy because it’s the first meal of the day. Filipinos believe you should have a hearty breakfast before going to work and/or school. Tapa is one of the favourite dishes during breakfast best paired with fried rice and fried egg and freshly sliced tomatoes. Tapa is made from beef or pork sirloin sliced thinly and marinated overnight. It said to be the beef jerky of the Philippines. Because the taste is very famous, you just need to find a local tapsilogan to appreciate it. Tapsilog is short for the combination of words tapa (beef jerky), sinangag (fried rice), and itlog (egg, usually served sunny side up). I’m sure you’ll never have a hard time finding one because there’s bound to be at least one tapsilogan in every town in the country that offers this specialty dish.

Sinigang or Pork Ribs Sour Soup

This is a delicious sour soup which particularly uses pork as the main ingredient although you have an option to use fish or shrimp. The natural souring agent can be tamarind fruit, guava, kamias (bilimbi fruit), or tomatoes – for an adventurous cook, he or she can use a little bit of everything. The sour and umami flavours just burst out in your mouth which is really hard to resist. This is often added with vegetables like okra (gumbo), radish, string beans, eggplant and green finger pepper. A little bit of fish sauce is added to taste. It can offer a fresh experience on your palate that will relax your mind from your day tour in the country. You may ask for additional chilli pepper for some extra kick.

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