Ally Mosher’s Winner Story

Posted on: 17th July 2013

Fan Trip 6 To Paris WinnerEveryone has his or her own version of a dream holiday in some exotic island or posh city anywhere in the world – far away from the hustle and bustle of urban living or just a few days’ break from the everyday demands of work and other life responsibilities.

Just imagine yourself walking leisurely along a beautiful coastline with palm trees around you and just the relaxing sounds of nature to fill your ears. Anytime you can go back to your first-class hotel or secluded cottage amidst a lush garden where you can enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments.

Or maybe, hop from one famous tourist attraction to the next with awe-inspiring revelations of the rich culture and history of the place. And then, engage in some all-day shopping galore at some of the most exclusive boutiques or bargain-friendly flea markets – whichever your pocketbook could afford. And yes, all the food dishes to satiate your culinary curiosity.

And suddenly, you are ushered back to reality. Yes, that ultimate getaway or dream of a lifetime is not that unreachable but the truth is – it would probably cost you an arm and leg to make it come true.

So you would just end up browsing a plethora of travel websites offering the most enticing travel packages that is so hard to fit in your monthly budget. Or maybe, keep your fingers crossed that you’ll win one of those travel competitions you submitted your name into. But then, you shake your head because it never occurred to you that you can emerge as a lucky winner.

Fan Trip 6 To Paris But things turned out to be so different for Ally Mosher of NSW. Surely Lady Luck must have bestowed her great blessings on Ally when she joined the Travelscene American Express Facebook Fan Trip 6 because she became one of the five lucky Australian winners of a four-day trip to the City of Lights – yes, Paris!!! (One of the requirements for going is that they should keep a blog.)

That fateful day

Ally couldn’t forget Monday, March 26, 2012 not only because it was Purple Day (for Epilepsy awareness, the champion cause of one of her best friends) but especially because when she opened her email, the subject line seemed magical and unbelievable at the same time:

Pack your bags, you’re going to Paris!

She wasn’t ready to receive such news because when she sent them a silly little infographic on why she thought she should win, she really didn’t have much hope in her that she could even be selected as one of the lucky winners for that lovely Paris escapade during Easter 2012.

She thought, “I would really love to win, but I know I’m not going to, so if I don’t get a phone call by 11am, that’s that. Just forget about it for the time being.”

Ally Mosher Winner Story“You’re actually not joking, are you?”, Ally’s dad asked in disbelief after almost quarter of an hour of explaining what she just had won.

Along with four other Australians – Sean, Kristen, Yvonne and Sarah – whom she has never met before, she had four days and three nights in the City of Light to experience and explore absolutely everything she can.

They flew Air Austral with a stopover at Reunion Island and landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, at 6am, before the sun had even begun to think about rising. And the rest is deliriously delicious history. You can check out Ally’s Paris experience here and here.

Ally’s story proves that you’ve got to be in it to win it. Dreams do come true, after all. So keep joining! Never give up!

You never know; you could be following in Ally’s footsteps very soon.

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