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Posted on: 18th July 2014

Our competition score is there to help you decide which of our contests are best to enter. Competitions with a score higher than 80% have it all: multiple prizes, high value, run by a reputable brand or blog, and not too difficult to win.

We look for trade permits to make sure it’s all official, and we take into consideration how many days are left in the competition; as well as how many people could potentially enter in that time. We also check social media to see how many shares it has, and who is talking about it.

Our technology also lets us see which competitions are trending; a handy tool for both businesses and compers, if we do say so ourselves.

Here’s how we do it.

Competions ScoreCompetition Score

Competion ScoreThis is it, the big daddy: the overall score for the competition. It’s based on all of the factors mentioned above and below. Everything is taken into consideration: from the value of the prize, how difficult it will be to win, how easy it is to enter, and how popular the competition is on social media.

Competition-ScoreBrand Score

- “Credibility”
Although we know big brands don’t have an exclusive claim to the best competitions, if a contest has a big name behind it there’s a pretty good chance that it will be reputable and have great prizes up for grabs. For example a contest being run by BMW will score higher than your aunt’s cooking website which she runs in her spare time. But never fear, small time bloggers: your competitions can still get a high score, if they fit well with the rest of our credentials.

Webpage Score

- “Authority”
Sometimes competitions don’t have a big brand behind them, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t credible. In these cases we look at the website which is hosting the competition. We look at how many page views the site gets, how many other websites are linking to the site in question, and if the website has lots of great content on it already. If the website looks good, the giveaway gets a higher score.

Competition ScoreCredibility

As well as brand and webpage scores, we also check to find out if the competition has a valid permit. If so, their credibility rating gets a big boost.

Social Score

If people are talking about something a lot, it’s usually a good sign. This score takes into account how often the competition has been mentioned and linked to across Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and all of your other favourite social media hangouts.


We use our own stats to figure out which competitions on our website are most popular. We look at how much traffic that particular contest is getting, as well as how many people have entered. We also take into account how long a competition has been on our site: so a comp that has had 500 entries and has only been live for one day will be considered more popular than a comp which has had 600 entries and have been live for one week. Remember: popular contests can be more difficult to win, so be careful.

Ease of Entry

You don’t want to jump through hoops to enter a contest: do you? We score competitions higher when they’re easier to enter. So if you want a challenge, look for a low score in this area.

Hopefully it’s all a little clearer now, but if you’re still confused, visit our FAQ.

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