Advantages and Disadvantages of the iOS 7 Apps

Posted on: 24th October 2013

iOs 7 AppsNow that Apple iOS 7 is available for download, you might be surprised to see how some familiar features have encountered some major changes. App developers made this latest upgrade for the mobile platform available to all iPhones, iPads and iPods so that Apple users can keep up with the recent technology spurts. But does it really offer more than its predecessors and competitors?


Advantages of the iOS upgrade

First, the changes that came along with the upgrade are meant to simplify app developers’ work. The new features of iOS 7 are the result of their combined creativity, proactivity and productivity – all geared towards making the end-users more satisfied and more confident about their Apple products. Stability and high performance are merged together in order to create fast and powerful apps that are so supposed to be so much better than the previous iOS versions. These include the following:


  • The general look and feel of the UI is both modern and contemporary.
  • Illusion of depth is created through layering, blur and transparency which resulted in a completely understated yet believable digital look.
  • App icons are much more emphasized thanks to a variety of colours and textures used.
  • Processor has impressive performance, making it easy to do powerful multitasking activities.
  • Apps function efficiently in the background even while not in use and yet, do not hinder the overall system performance.
  • Obviously, it has the end-users in mind all throughout the whole process, which encourages positive competition among developers to create better apps to offer to the consumers.
  • Social networking sites of all sorts are available in this recent upgrade which is a boon not only for the consumers but for everyone in the digital industry including mobile marketers, business people, app developers, and those who want to get in touch with a wider audience base through social media.
  • Its iCloud facilities are off the charts; offers AirDrop for document sharing with Apply and non-Apple devices; controlling Graphical User Interface (GUI) is easier and better; and, improved GL functionality led to improved graphics on the device.
  • The iOS 7 offers peer-to-peer SDK, which makes it easy for developers to give end-users to chance to exchange data among themselves via Wi-Fi, P2P Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth.


Disadvantages of the iOS upgrade


Most people couldn’t handle change that gracefully. So the real challenge for the iOS 7developers is not just about making the users accept the fact that there is now a mobile software upgrade completely different from the older versions but ensuring the new OS compatibility with the old ones. They are treading dangerous lines here that could cost them their existing customer base. It must be difficult for the developers to unite their desire to keep up with the latest technological evolution and to coax iOS users to switch immediately to the new iOS 7. Here are some problems posed by the iOS upgrade:

  • Existing apps on a new OS might not be work at all.
  • Developing apps that would run through multiple OS versions is an expensive investment that might not yield a considerable profit.
  • The new OS runs very slowly in older smartphone devices – and not too many end-users are very keen in getting the latest model.
  • If developers would push through creating apps exclusively for the latest model, then they have to say goodbye to a considerable customer base.
  • Since apps for the iOS 7 are already   quite expensive to make, as soon as people find out that it runs slow on older iPhones and iPads, they will just ignore it.
  • Some UI elements might not look good enough if used in old smartphones.
  • Buggy apps that always crash might discourage potential iOS 7 switchers.


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