Addicted To Gambling And Lottery – 10 Tips That Will Help You Get A Grip Of Yourself

Posted on: 11th June 2014

Addicted To Gambling And LotterySweepstakes, contests, lottery, online casinos are all a lot of fun. This is a wonderful pastime where you not only enjoy the entertainment, but also stand to win lots of prizes in cash and kind. Many people are even making a living out of it. Some however, get addicted to gambling and end financially ruined.

Gambling Addiction Can Be Treated  

You can overcome your gambling addiction; many have saved themselves from its clutches and live a regular life. It is not easy, and it is not quick. Sometimes, it will get worse before it gets any better. But if you persevere and stay on the track, you can overcome your gambling addiction and live a normal life again. Here are a few tips that would help you immensely when you fight against this particular addiction:

  1. Stop Denying The Problem – the first step to solving any problem is to admit there is a problem. Most people do not like to accept there is a problem hence, they cannot commit to take steps to solve it.
  1. Ask Professional Help – gambling addiction is a huge problem worldwide. Just like any other addiction – alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse – gambling is difficult to fight alone. Hence, there are centers with professionals trained to help you overcome the addiction. Seek help. Find professionals who could guide and support you in the fight to normalcy.
  1. Enlist The Help Of Your Family – let your family know you have this problem. You will need a lot of support and understanding when you go through de-addiction process. You will become very difficult to communicate and relate to your dear ones as your irritation and frustration will often become unbearable. If your family knows your problem they will be able to cope with it and provide support better.
  1. Move Away From People Who Are Gambling Compulsive – temptation will push you back into the abyss. Stay away from all such people who would tempt to get back into the gambling games. Stay away from online sites, and all such situations which will tempt to “play just one little game”.
  1. Fill In The Gambling Habit With A New Positive Habit – when you stop gambling you a vacuum will be created, which unless filled with something positive would always tend to pull you back. Find a new hobby and gradually build it in the place of the gambling one. You can start a hobby or more or choose any occupation that will give you a lot of satisfaction. Take care you do not replace gambling with comfort shopping or online chatting or any other negative occupation.

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