Accommodation On Your French Holiday

Posted on: 23rd October 2014

French Holiday AccomodationIf you fantasize about staying in a traditional hotel that gently awakens you in the morning to the aroma of freshly baked bread and croissants, then you need not worry about being Ritz-rich. Stylish and comfortable lodgings are scattered throughout France, to suit to everyone’s mood and affordability. Whether it is lovely hotels, cosy bread and breakfast, royal apartments, or stately country houses, the country has it all.


Hotels always charge per room. Sometimes, hotels might offer rooms that are not as expensive as the price category the hotels are in, so it is always better to ask – you might get lucky. Tariffs tend to be lower during the off-season which is from November to April, with the exception of Southern France. It will do you good to enquire about weekend deals and promotional specials. Rates are posted in the rooms, and any extra charges are indicated clearly.

The hotel rooms are equipped with a television, a telephone, and a private bath. While you are making a reservation, inform the hotel about your preference for a tub, or a shower. A tub obviously costs more, but if you can afford the luxury, why not?  If you want a double bed in your room, let the hotel know while booking.

House and Apartments

If your fantasy involves spacious lodging where you can cook your own French meals, then you should try getting an apartment or a house on rent. It will be equipped with furniture, and a kitchen. If you are travelling in a group, then this option will help you save money.

Staying in a gîte rural for a month or even a week can also help you save money. This is a furnished lodging in the country-side. These are usually maintained by owners that live on-site. They welcome you when you arrive, and provide valuable information, such as where you can get groceries, medical service, and where you can find the popular attractions.

The Fédération Nationale des Gîtes de France is the rental network of the country, which rents all sorts of accommodations. It has listings for humble cottages in the centre of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne, fabulously remodelled farmhouses that are equipped with pools, lodges, bread and breakfast, campsites, and hostels.


There are various types of B&Bs found in the country. It can be a luxurious château that serves gourmet food, or it can be a simple accommodation that serves a humble breakfast. They are most commonly found in the rural areas of France. And, they are becoming increasingly popular in the major cities, such as Paris.

For information, check with agencies such as Hôtes Qualite Paris, or local tourist offices. If you are interested in having a dinner as well at the B&B (it is cooked by the owners and eaten with them), then you have the option of a table d’hôte dinner.

Hotels receive many foreign guests which is why they tend to be able to speak English. The B&Bs are a different story. Since most of the B&Bs are in rural areas, keep in mind that your hosts will speak French only. So, brush up on that French vocabulary of yours.


Hostels offer very simple lodging at very low prices. The reason is that the rooms and baths are shared. Although hostels are primarily chosen by students, they welcome anyone and everyone no matter what their age. Breakfast is served by most of the hostels. Cooking facilities or dinner might be available also.

Some hostels do not allow the inhabitants to stay in their rooms in day time, and they might have a curfew at night. So be sure to reach back in time. Travellers gather in the public rooms of the hostels where they share their travel adventures with each other. It is a good way to make some friends while on holiday.

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