4 Companies Giving Back In A Major Way

Posted on: 3rd March 2016

Big companies have a bit of a stigma for being non-charitable, money-munching institutions of greed. However, this is just not the case, as many companies have proved. They have plenty of donation and charity options, from matching gift programs to employee volunteer schemes. Here are four companies who are giving back in a big way!

1. Shell

Don’t let the stereotype of the big greedy oil companies fool you! Shell has donated over $24.8 million dollars to the University of Texas at Austin. To rectify the challenges faced by the growing worldwide oil and gas industry, Shell and UT signed a five-year, $7.5 million deal in 2012. The majority of the money goes to research; however, nearly half a million dollars will support UT students and programs.

Shell also offers a matching gift program, matching employee donations between $25 and $5,500 at a 1:1 ratio. At the conclusion of 2014, Shell donations have helped to create over 35,000 jobs, saved 6.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, and raised $5 billion for organizations in four continents.

2. Google

Google has offices in 70 cities and more than 40 countries, Google’s philanthropy reaches from New York, to the U.K., to Germany and more, offering an incredibly diverse range of giving options. Along with external sponsors, Google receives a lot of donations from its kindhearted employees. Last year, over 6,500 Google employees volunteered nearly 80,000 hours of service. In total, Google has matched $21 million in employee donations to over 9,000 organizations across the globe. Now that’s dedication!

3. Apple

When Tim Cook became CEO of Apple in 2011, he vowed to make a difference not just in computers, but in charity. Since then, Apple has matched over $25 million worth of employee donations, adding up to over $50 million for charities around the world. Apple also informed its employees in 2014 that it was to expand its corporate giving program to include all countries in which it has a presence. This extends the program from U.S.-based nonprofits and a handful of organizations in other nations. In addition to this, Apple also announced its volunteer grant program will provide employees with $25 per hour for their organizations.

4. Microsoft

Microsoft has made a point of being a charitable organization for decades. In 1983, 200 Microsoft employees raised $17,000 for nonprofit companies through via their first employee giving program. Since then, Microsoft employees have donated over $1 billion to charities as a result of matching gifts programs.

In addition, Microsoft saves nonprofits money on technology through product donations. In 2014, over 86,000 organizations in more than 125 countries received donations ranging from computers to software to refurbished hardware in an effort to affordably bring nonprofits into the 21st century. They also offer a volunteer match program, which was instigated in 2005. Their elected charities receive $25 per hour when Microsoft employees volunteer for at least four hours. How’s that for service!

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