7 Ways To Become A More Giving Person

Posted on: 14th January 2016

In a world so focused on personal achievement, it’s all too easy to forget how lucky we actually are. Since so many people are in need, how can we help? The answer is to be a generally more giving person. Being giving doesn’t just involve donating money. You can be giving on the smallest of scales, like telling someone you like their new haircut, or giving up your seat on the bus. Here are seven ways to become a more giving person.

1. Take notice

If you pay closer attention to your surroundings, you’ll realize there are people everywhere who could use a helping hand. Why not help that mother trying to carry a baby and a stroller up the stairs? Or ask that man who looks confused whether he needs directions? All you have to do is offer; you never know whose day you’ll brighten!

2. Give to charity

Giving to charity is a great way to give back. Check out tomorrow.com’s featured charities. You’ll find plenty of worthy causes and ways to donate!

3. Put yourself in other people’s shoes

One way to take notice of other people’s need is to put yourself in their shoes. Sure, that sarcastic comment the boss made to your friend may have been a joke, but what if your friend didn't take it as one? When in doubt, it's always good to ask.

4. Buy random gifts

You don’t need a birthday, holiday, or anniversary to be giving! Buy friends and family a gift for just being them. That little bit of extra love could turn their average day into a beautiful one.

5. Shout someone a meal

Paying for dinner isn’t reserved for dates and get-togethers. Next time you’re in a line for lunch, how about you pay for the person behind you as well? They may be strapped for cash; for all you know, your truly giving gesture could have taken care of their next meal as well.

6. Let people know you’re thinking of them

It’s important to be giving with our energy as well as with material things. If you happen to think of someone, send them a text to let them know, and wish them well. A simple call or text is enough to make anyone feel that little bit more valued. You could make someone’s week!

7. Buy a homeless person a meal

You know that homeless guy who’s always sitting outside the mall? Why not buy him a nice big meal and a bottle of water? Even better, how about you sit and chat with him while he eats? Ask him his name; you never know how long it's been since someone's taken the time to do so.

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