7 Super Tips For Those Who Never Won A Contest or Sweepstakes

Posted on: 24th March 2014

You are entering all types of contests, sweepstakes and lottery draws and you have never won a thing. Not lucky enough? Not likely. Your “not winning streak” would be more due to something or other that you are doing wrong rather than luck. Check out what you could be doing wrong, and thus sabotaging your chances to win:

  1. Not Reading The Rules Carefully – this is the number one reason why most people miss their chance to win. The title, the focus, the word limit, the deadline, the jurisdiction of the contest, the mode of presentation, entry restrictions, and so on. Pay attention and follow the terms and conditions of the contest to the letter.
  2. Mistakes In Contact Coordinates – are there any typos in the email id, phone number, address given. This problem is often taken care by the auto-filler robots. However, sometimes typos do filter in when you hand touches inadvertently some key and you have not proof read the whole entry sheet/ page. Double check your entry line by line, word by word and ensure that it is correct in all aspects before you submit it.
  3. Mix Them Up – to maximize your chances to win you need to enter in all types of contests and sweepstakes – the one-prize types, the daily types, the many prizes types, the easy ones and the difficult ones, etc. In other words, diversify your talent and hence, diversify your chances to land a winner.
  4. Keep Right eMails Out Of Spam Box – the moment you have submitted an entry ensure that you have given the email id right to come to your inbox. If you do not do this, chances are that important messages – including announcement of your winnings – could go to the spam box. Even so, check your spam folder often lest the filters push the wrong email there.
  5. Entering Too Few Contests – if you enter one contest per year, your chances to win are pretty low. Winners who were interviewed for advice shared that they often entered 20-40 contests/ sweepstakes per day. Of course, they took the help of the auto-filler to save time; but the matter truth remains that they were at it on daily basis.
  6. Entering The Wrong Contests – choose the contests where your best is real good. Avoid those where you have no clue about; these would only have you waste your time and bring you nothing in return.
  7. Giving Up Too Soon – played for 6 months and got nothing? Keep playing. Learn from your experience, adjust your strategy to maximize your odds to win, do it on daily basis – and soon enough you will start wining.

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