7 Steps That Will Bring You Closer To Win A Contest

Posted on: 15th March 2014

Are you always dreaming about winning a contest or sweepstake? Follow these 10 steps and perhaps you will.

  1. Find Your Contest -  those which come unwanted and unsolicited in your inbox might not the be the ones that really carry prizes. Look through the newspapers daily;  have a pen handy by you when you are watching TV because many times they announce some lovely sweepstakes during your favorite show; search the Net and you will also find plenty there.
  1. What Contests To Enter – you do not need to buy something to enter a contest. However, if you are buying it anyway, never leave a chance going by. Also out of the list go the contests for items you do not need, love or can dispose off easily for cash. Choose those that either have small prizes or very large.
  1. Always Read The Fine Print - often unwittingly you are allowing the people who are running the contests to use your information. If you value your privacy and hate spam, be careful of that fine print.  As a rule the more difficult to answer or enter, the better are your chances to win because that will limit the number of correct entries.
  1. Follow the Rules – read the rules carefully and follow each one strictly. Nothing can be more cruel than to have to forfeit your right to the prize because of an infringement of any rule. Submit it well before the deadline. Another important point is to fill it in with capitals letters unless you have exceptionally legible handwriting.
  1. Make Yours Stand Out – within the rules given, make your entry stand out so the person who pulls out the winning entry – if not blindfolded – will be tempted to pull out yours first. Place a nice sticker on it, make a smiley, or write a bright colored ‘Pick Me’ on it. This might increase your chances manifold. Just be careful that you stay within the rules.
  1. Keep Track Of The Deadline For Announcing The Winner – sometimes the winner is announced only in a certain place (say, on the site) or through email. Keep a track of the announcement date make inquiries on the day. You will be surprised how much money is lost on this account only.
  1. Do No Lose Hope – treat this is a fancy hobby. Do not lose hope. Keep trying. Perseverance has its own rewards.

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