7 Reasons You Need An iPhone 6S In Your Life

Posted on: 4th February 2016

With the myriad of digital developments nowadays, choosing which device is best for your needs can seem a gargantuan task. Fortunately, the iPhone 6S, the latest and greatest in Smartphone technology, has all the features and fun you need to make your life just that little bit easier. Here are seven reasons why you need an iPhone 6S in your life!

1. 4K Camera

When you look at how exclusive and expensive video cameras were just a few years ago, the fact you can now have a super advanced 4K camera on your Smartphone is pretty amazing. With the ability to film high quality 4K videos, and the easier process of editing video footage, the iPhone 6S is the ultimate communication device. It’s no wonder so many people are choosing it!

2. 12-Megapixel Camera

Speaking of cameras, the iPhone 6S takes it to yet another level. The 12-Megapixel sensor is a development from the standard 8-Megapixel, and delivers sharper focus, better low-light performance, and all around better photos. Capture some memories today!

3. 3D Touch

The latest innovation in touch screens, 3D Touch makes the iPhone 6S the most user-friendly device so far. By detecting not just touch, but the amount of pressure applied to the screen, it employs what is essentially a right click function. Instead of needing two touches to open some features, differentiating between levels of pressure will save you time out of your busy schedule!

4. 2GB of RAM

This doesn’t sound particularly interesting, but it’s one of the most useful features of the iPhone 6S. As iPhones have been running on 1GB RAM for generations, 2GB will make a huge different. Your phone will run faster, functions will be snappier, and running multiple apps simultaneously is infinitely smoother. Who’da thunk such a small change could make such a big difference?

5. A9 Processor

Tired of waiting for undisclosed periods for your iPhone to finish loading? Wait no more with the new and improved A9 processor! At 70 per cent faster for CPU tasks, and a whopping 90 per cent faster for graphics related tasks, the A9 processor makes the 6S the fastest iPhone to date.

6. Live Photos

This nifty feature makes treasured memories even more fun to capture. Live photos not only snaps the image, but also 1.5 seconds of footage before, and 1.5 seconds afterwards. Deep press with 3D touch to activate, and literally watch your photos come to life!

7. Easier Access To Siri

Tired of pressing that middle button to wake up Siri? With the iPhone 6S, you won’t have to! The “Hey Siri” feature is always listening out for your commands, making access quicker and easier in tricky situations. Don’t like your phone always listening for instructions? No problem! The feature is easily turned off.

Like how this sounds? You can enter to win a brand new iPhone 6S, and enjoy all the new features for yourself!

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