7 Essential Tips to Increase your Chances of Winning a Brand New Car

Posted on: 23rd November 2015

If you have your heart set on winning that brand new car, our competition tips are sure to help. We can’t promise you will definitely win, but you’re sure to have a great time trying!

  1. Be selective

Some compers will encourage you to enter as many competitions as possible, but I’m going to be controversial and say it’s better to enter competitions you want to win, especially if you have your mind set on a particular prize.  If you spend all your time entering competitions to win other cool stuff, you’re taking away from the chance to win a car.

  1. Don’t get yourself disqualified

It’s simply not an option if you want to win. It’s hard to believe, but hundreds of people enter competitions without even glancing at the rules. Always read the competition terms and conditions to make sure you aren’t putting a foot wrong.

  1. Complete your details accurately

Imagine: you’ve just heard that you’re the winner of a brand new car, but you entered incorrect details and can’t claim it. Nightmare. If you have trouble typing the same info over and over again, download an auto-filler. This will remember your details and pop them in automatically whenever prompted.

  1. Don’t fail yourself

Most competitions have an entry turnover of 500 to 5000, so the chance of winning a prize is pretty good. The larger the prize the more people will enter, but the more difficult a competition is the less people will enter. At the end of the day, you have to be in it to win it. Never avoid entering because you don’t think you have a chance at winning; that’s a sure-fire way to guarantee you won’t win.

  1. Be positive!

Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t win. Remember people win competitions all the time, and just because you didn’t take home your dream car this time doesn’t mean you won’t be the lucky winner next time.

  1. Don’t overstretch yourself

With Twitter, Facebook, and sites like Competition Crazy, the comping landscape has been altered dramatically. There are so many competitions, it can be difficult to enter each one. If you don’t have enough time to enter them all, don’t worry.

  1. Enjoy it!

Comping is meant to be fun so enjoy yourself. Winning prizes should be an added bonus to a fun hobby, not the meaning of life. Participate in forums and chat with other compers; you’ll win the prize of friendship.

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