6 Things All Competition Junkies Have In Common

Posted on: 14th January 2016

There’s nothing like the thrill of entering a competition! The burst of excitement when you find one, the glee of glancing through the prizes, even filling out the application form has a certain thrill to it. There are a lot of self-proclaimed ‘competition junkies’ out there, and plenty of people who are junkies but don't know it. Here are six things all competition junkies have in common. Do you fit the bill?

1. You love the thrill of the chase

The fun of reaching out, missing, and reaching out again is something we’ve all felt at some point. Competition junkies really dig this, and will keep on chasing until they achieve!

2. You’re naturally competitive

There’s nothing wrong with being competitive. It motivates you to achieve your personal best, and to strive for seemingly unreachable goals. Competition junkies all have this will to win, that’s why they keep entering!

3. You like to win big

Small victories aren’t enough for competition junkies. You like to win big, and you like to win fast! With all the great prizes you can win by entering multiple competitions, you’ve got so many chances to feed that need. Go for it!

4. You’ve got lots of self-belief

It takes a lot of faith to enter even one competition, let alone several. Competition junkies truly believe they’ve got  that lucky star, or they wouldn’t enter in the first place. With that confidence, you’re going to go a long way!

5. You’ve got a positive attitude

In life, a positive attitude will take you anywhere you want to go. Thinking positive is the best way to achieve, and the most effective way to light your lucky star. No wonder you’re a competition junkie!

6. You don’t care what other people think

There are always naysayers who tell you you’ve got no chance of winning that grand prize, jackpot, or whatever else you’re crossing your fingers for. But competition junkies stick to their guns, and go with their guts. Who cares what the doubters say, you gotta be in it to win it!

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