6 Celebrities With Fragrance Brands 2012–2013

Posted on: 15th March 2014

It has always been a great fad to have celebrities attach their names to a particular perfume/ fragrance and market it by their name. This particular fragrance is not only known by the celebrity’s name, but also it is marketed and publicized as such. Normally, these fragrances are hits for a few years or for as long as the said celebrity is in the limelight; but sometimes, they can become your favorite for life.

  1. Killer QueenPerfume manufactured by Coty Inc. endorsed by Katy Perry (Singer) launched in 2013. Earlier the singer had launched two other fragrances Purr and Meow. This is an edgy and deliciously wild fragrance. The main notes of the fragrance are centered on the Celosia (red flower), rainbow plumeria and jasmine, while the top notes of the scent are of bergamot accords, dark plum and wild berries. The base notes are anchored on liquid praline, patchouli and cashmere.
  1. Island Fantasy – Perfume manufactured by Elizabeth Arden, endorsed by Britney Spears and launched in April 2013. The star launched a sequel to this perfume, by the name of Island Fantasy. A continuation or sequel to the previously launched perfume, this is a fruity and floral fragrance with notes of watermelon, red fruits, Clementine, mandarin, citrus cocktail, violets and freesias.
  1. Fantasy Twist – Perfume manufactured by Elizabeth Arden endorsed by Britney Spears (Singer)  and launched in 2012 – this is the second perfume endorsed by the star. This is a perky fragrance with the exotic notes of sensual woods, orris root, musk, orchid, white chocolate, jasmine petals, cupcake accord, kiwi fruit and white chocolate.
  1. Minajesty – Perfume manufactured by Give Back Brands & Elizabeth Arden endorsed by Nicki Minaj (Rapper) launched in 2013. Earlier in 2012 the Nicki had launched Pink Friday, which was a hit. The second fragrance that Minaj was launched in the end of 2013.
  1. Lady Gaga Fame – Perfume manufactured Coty Inc. endorsed by Lady Gaga (Singer) and launched in 2012. This is a unisex perfume launched in August 2012 in Macy’s. It is a bold perfume which replaced the traditional pyramid technology with the more recent push-pull technology to combine an exotic variety of notes that consist of honey, saffron, apricot, incense, Tiger orchid and Atropa Belladonna.
  1. Truth Or Dare – Perfume manufactured by Coty Inc endorsed by Madonna (Singer) and launched in 2012 – this perfume was inspired by the singer’s mother. It created a great sensation when it was launched with a naked Madonna splashed all over advertisements with her breasts covered by a black band and slogan, ‘Naked – A New Fragrance’. This is a very sexy and provocative scent that excites and seduces while at the same time is playful and flirty. The note mix consists of vanilla and creamy woods with a dash of sparkling florals.


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