6 Best Wedding Giveaways

Posted on: 23rd July 2013

Wedding GiveawaysWedding guests come to witness your commitment to each other and to celebrate your new life together. Giving small gifts to them shows your appreciation for the part they play in your big day, and it leaves them with a token to remember the celebration.

Here are six great ideas for wedding giveaways:

Homemade Treats: Creative couples may want to make their own wedding gifts for guests. Handmade chocolates wrapped in tulle, decorative boxes of candied nuts, jars of marmalade or crafted beeswax candles are perfect take-home favours.

Bottoms Up:  Give each guest a wine or champagne glass engraved with the bridal couple’s names and the wedding date. If you are having a sit-down meal at the reception, use the glasses at the table. Later, your guests will remember the special day each time they use a glass.

Local Delicacies:  Choose specialty products from your region for wedding giveaways. Options might be jars of locally-produced honey, small bottles of wine or champagne, coffee beans in a burlap bag, olive oil or a special candy. All can be personalized with labels, either self-made or provided by the suppliers.

Gifts for a Good Cause:  Make a donation to a charity that you support in name of each guest. At the wedding, provide guests with decorated notes explaining the difference that their gifts will make.

Salt & Pepper Shakers:  What represents a couple that belongs together better than salt and pepper? Order whimsical shakers that portray the bridal couple’s interests (e.g. golf balls, matching dogs, computer keys). Wrap them in colorful paper and ribbon and attach a small card with the names of the couple.

Plant a Tree:  Present each guest with a tree seedling in a mini-pot decorated with the names of the bride and groom. Finish with a colourful raffia ribbon and a card with planting instructions. It’s a wedding favor that will grow for years.

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