Competition Junkie Alert: This Student Entered 1000 Competitions

Posted on: 5th February 2016

What happens when you turn entering a few competitions into a full-blown personal challenge? Well, 23 year-old student Andrew Lloyd from Wales did just that, entering 1000 competitions over a period of 50 days. Although it took much time and effort, he stuck with it, and set himself a strict quota of 20 competitions a day, hoping for that big win.

But what sparked his passion for comping? When he was 12, his appetite for winning was whetted when he would secretly phone into TV channels, only while his parents weren’t home. One day, a prize arrived from Nickelodeon; a set of Yu-Gi-Oh game trading cards. Although he was excited about the cards, he was more fascinated with another element of the process; winning.

His parents, on the other hand, we not so impressed when they found out, and confiscated his phone. But Lloyd remained undeterred. He now had to satisfy his need to win more stuff.

“All those competitions on TV giving away cars, holidays, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, they were everywhere,” he said.

“I didn’t think there was a legitimate chance of winning that stuff. Of course, after that, I wanted to enter a million more.”

And enter he did, although perhaps not a million! Ten years later, Lloyd looked for opportunities to win everywhere; cereal boxes, drink bottles, online, TV, radio, anywhere you can think of. The result; a grand total of 1000 competitions entered in just under two months. The only rule aside from the 20 a day quota was he couldn’t enter the same competition more than once. Quite the task, but he certainly managed it!

After the entering process was over, Lloyd recorded a one in 250 success rate; not bad, considering how many entrants a lot of competitions receive.

“I entered plenty of competitions to win yachts and holidays, but received a Blu-ray, some snacks, and tickets to a rugby final and a motor-home show,” he said.

Rather than let his experience remain undocumented, he made a video of the process, which received over 90,000 views in just five days. So, why not take a leaf out of Andrew Lloyd’s book and set yourself a competition entry goal? As they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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