7 Signs You Need A New Car

Posted on: 2nd February 2016

There's nothing like that new car smell. The sharp scent of new leather, the glossy feel of the seats, the first time you put the key in the ignition; nothing beats a fresh set of wheels! But just how fresh is fresh? It's so tempting to hang onto your old ride. After all, so many memories are made! But it doesn't matter how much you love your first car. If you've still got it, odds are you need a new one. Here are seven signs it's time to kiss that old rust-bucket goodbye!

1. You play down any difficulties

A 32 point turn is totally normal, right?

2. It still has a nickname

If your car still has the same nickname it had when you were a teenager, it's time to do a switch.

3. Your kids would rather walk to school

No kid would ever, ever prefer to walk to school unless they feared for their life. Which clearly, in your car, they do.

4. Your repair bills cost more than your car

Seriously, keep an eye on this. You may be paying more in repairs than your car would cost if you sold it.

5. Strangers stop and point as you drive by

Didn't anyone ever tell them it's rude to stare?!

6. Your friends openly laugh at you

They love everything about you. Except your car. And you know it.

7. Weird noises are the norm

From the funny to the freaky, you've heard them all at some point.

If any of these sound familiar, why not enter to win a new Hyundai Accent? Drive away in the car of your dreams!


Images via runeatrepeat.com, imgur.com, perfectlycursedlife.com, tumblr.com, photobucket.com, goodreads.com


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