$52 Million Mega Millions Lottery Winner Marcia Adams

Posted on: 3rd September 2013

Marcia Adams Lottery WinnerMarcia Adams of College Park, Georgia, can thank her boyfriend's sweet tooth for becoming a millionaire. The 33-year-old accountant says that her boyfriend wanted a candy bar, so they stopped at a gas station where she asked him to buy her Quick Pick. She never dreamt that would lead to her being a winner.

According to Adams, the two forgot about even purchasing tickets until days later when they spotted a lottery billboard and her boyfriend checked the winning numbers on his cell phone. As soon as he matched the numbers to the tickets, he started screaming her name. "I didn't believe him at first," says Adams. After calling in to her work, Adams says that she immediately drove to the closest Georgia State Lottery office to double-check that she had in fact actually won. Adams was still in a state of disbelief even after officials confirmed her winning numbers, "It still hasn't set in, it seems like it's somebody else."

Adams won her jackpot through the Quick Pick system, but is Quick Pick better than picking your own numbers? According to statistics, between 70 and 80 percent of lottery winners win by using a Quick Pick ticket. The reason for this might be more than just luck, it might just have something to do with how the number are chosen in the first place.

In the old days winning numbers were chosen by using a special machine that pushed random balls to the top, but many states have now turned to random number generators to pick their numbers. This is where something interesting happens.

According to statisticians who study odds connected with random number generators, no computer-generated number is truly random. Any number produced by a computer uses complicated computer algorithms that make the number appear random. According to statisticians the same type of algorithms that produce the random number for the winning numbers, also produce the random numbers for the Quick Pick. This means that a Quick Pick might have a higher chance of winning than numbers people might choose themselves.

Video from the press conference of Marcia Adams’ $72 million dollar win.

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