7 Ways To Be A Winner This Year

Posted on: 23rd January 2016

Everybody likes winning. Whether it’s sports, dance, school, competitions, or achieving coveted goals, we’re programmed to enjoy success. However, there are days, weeks, months, and sometimes years when you think nothing is going your way. That winning feeling might feel like a distant memory, or a far off blip on a future landscape. However, everyone is born a winner, and there are many ways to get back to the top. Here are seven ways to be a winner this year!

1. Plan to win

It’s all very well to plan your business, but how about planning your life? It’s not enough to unthinkingly expect to win, you have to plan, and more importantly, expect to win. The first thing to do is a self-assessment; where are you now, and if you keep going on this path, where will you end up? If you like what you see down the road, great! If not, have a think and make a change. Even the smallest alteration can have a hugely positive impact!

2. Create goals

There’s no point planning to win if you don’t have anything to plan. Think about what makes you happy, and work out what you have to do to achieve it. Then, set realistic goals to help you reach the destination. Once you open your mind and find your bliss, the rest will fall into place.

3. Acknowledge your talents

Everybody is good at something. The  difficult thing is admitting to yourself what it is! Have think about what you really enjoy doing, because if you enjoy it, odds are you’re good at it. Love singing but never had a lesson? Why not try it? Always had a thing for drawing? Take an art class! You never know what doors will open up by acknowledging your talents.

4. Take care of your health

A healthy body is a healthy mind. And with a healthy mind comes a winning mindset! Eat well, exercise, and although it’s hard in this crazy, fast-paced world, make sure you get enough sleep. Never underestimate the value of a solid nine hours!

5. Spend time with other winners

Like attracts like. If you surround yourself with draining, negative people, they’ll sap all your energy and keep you from that winning mindset. But if you run with bright, positive, energetic company, you’ll feed off that vibe and join the winners’ circle!

6. Conquer a fear

This goes way beyond stepping out of your comfort zone. If you prove to yourself you can look a phobia in the face and overcome it, you’ll get a massive burst of confidence. So catch a spider, go bungee jumping, try public speaking; whatever you’re terrified of, just do it (as long as it’s safe). If that’s not winning, I don’t know what is!

7. Gratitude

Gratitude is the strongest human emotion, and generates hugely positive feelings if you embrace it. Every day, find something to be grateful for, even if it’s just the air you breathe. The more things you find to be grateful for, the more will appear, and the happier you’ll be. Happiness itself is a win!

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