Posted on: 5th August 2014

If asked about the most common daydream, it would undoubtedly be how to spend jackpot loot. Some just happen to be born under the right stars and are naturally lucky but for all the others here are 5 eye-opening, easy, and sure-shot ways to win cash prizes at sweepstakes:

  1. win a cash-prizeChoose your battles:

Just like all that glitters is not gold, all sweepstake contests aren’t prize yielding. It is very important to distinguish between the legitimate contests and scams or illegal sites, which misuses the data supplied by you. A meticulous study and close attention to the sweepstakes’ advertisements in newspapers and local radio can help you make smart choices.

Consider the local contests with small, realistic prizes with less competition. A proper estimation of odds and knowing when to quit saves time and heartbreaks. Never say no to “second-chance drawings”.

  1. Prepare to launch:

The trick to actually win loads of cash is to participate in many sweepstakes and many times. Whether in local or national contests, never underestimate the power of 3 Ps: patience, persistence, and postage. Take help of various form-filling applications, sweepstakes managing sites, and of your friends and family in case the sweepstake has a provision for referrals. Creating a separate account only for managing sweepstake mails is an extremely smart and savvy move.

  1. Hit it with your best shot:

Once you’re done with the list of contests and all set for wining, make sure that you pay close attention to the rules and eligibility criteria for the contests. The sweepstakes involving quizzes or questions are tricky, make sure to get the right answers to avoid getting disqualified.

Enter as many times as allowed to improve your odds.

Make your mail, post, or application stand out amongst the others. Make sure your handwriting is legible and your correspondence details are impeccable. You don’t want your check to be lost in the mail!

  1. Stay alert:

Another thing that you do not want to happen is you missing a call for your prize. Make sure you’re always available, read your mails on a daily basis, and respond to your mails ASAP.

  1. Manage your loots:

Most countries require their citizens to pay taxes on sweepstakes win, so save money on tax by donating or selling the unwanted prizes and save yourself a visit from the Income Tax department. And never quit until you win everything that you can possibly win.

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