5 Things To Do In Tahiti

Posted on: 7th March 2016

Tahiti is a true tropical paradise. From sun to surf, its beauty and appeal is hard to match. Whether you’re going for your honeymoon, your family vaycay, or just a little solo R and R, there’s something for everyone. Here are five of the best things to do in Tahiti!

1. The overwater bungalows

The overwater bungalows are iconic to the islands of French Polynesia. Check in, change into your swimsuits and take dip right from your front door. Wake up and fall asleep to the gentle sound of softly lapping water. Snorkel right from your private sun deck, and gaze upon beautiful reef fish through carefully placed glass panels in the bungalow’s floor. The icing on the cake? You can have your breakfast delivered via a traditional dugout canoe by Tahitian women wearing leis of tropical blossoms. Stunning!

2. Go snorkeling

The crystal clear waters of Tahiti are ideal for snorkeling, and services who arrange it are easy to find. Slap on your swimsuit, a snorkeling mask, and fins, and dive into the depths of the Blue Lagoon. Hover above wavering gardens of pastel coral, as silver-striped and orange-spotted fish dart amid ocean wildlife. Remember to keep an eager eye out for starfish, sea turtles and, the occasional eel!

3. Monoi Oil Massage

When on an indulgent vaycay, it's never complete without the ultimate touch of luxury; a soothing massage. A Tahitian massage combines long, smooth strokes and fragrant monoi oil scented with vanilla, tiare blossoms, coconut, and more. Whether on the beach at sunset or in a five-star spa resort, (such as the Mane Spa at the Bora Bora Pearl Resort), an hour of relaxation and pampering is the perfect way to transition from whirlwind day to romantic night!

4. Take a 4x4 tour

Tahiti is ideal to explore by land as well as sea, and the most exciting way to do it is to cruise around in open-air 4x4 truck. As you bounce along, and finally reach the top of Magic Mountain, the lagoon spreads out before you in a breathtaking array of hues, textures, and glittering light. Visit Belvedere Overlook, where twin Cooks and Opunohu bays jut out below, you’ll be awestruck by the beauty and glory of French Polynesia.

5. Try poisson cru

When visiting a new place, it’s always fun to try the local traditional cuisine. Along with other traditional foods such as breadfruit, taro, and fish or pork cooked in a himaa or underground oven, poisson cru is described as the most deliciously additive. The dish consists of raw tuna marinated in lime juice and coconut milk; a sweet, zesty taste with a lot of texture. Enjoy it as a healthy and refreshing lunch, a light appetizer, or a romantic dinner for two. Our mouths are watering!

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