5 Things To Do In NYC

Posted on: 8th January 2016

New York isn’t called the city that never sleeps for nothing. It’s constantly buzzing with life, sometimes busier at 2am than it is at midday! There plenty of fun, cool, quirky places to go, right from the Empire State Building to the oldest tavern in Manhattan. So if you won a trip to the Big Apple, what would you do? Here are five uniquely awesome things to do and see when you make that trip of a lifetime!

1. Serendipity 3

Welcome to the ultimate dessert café! Located at 225 East 60th Street, Manhattan, Serendipity 3 has every kind of fabulous dessert you can possibly imagine. From the Cain’t Say No Sundae (a delectable mix of humble pie, ice cream, and chocolate fudge sauce) to the Frozen Hot Chocolate, you can’t do any better. If you really want to splurge, how about you order their famous $1000 dessert?

2. Macy’s

Shopping malls don’t get any better than this. Macy’s on 34th Street is has just about everything you could possibly dream of buying, from clothes to perfume to food to toys to amazing confectionary. Not to mention, they’ve always got a sale or two going on. Go at Christmas and see the infamous Macy’s Christmas windows; one of the highlights of the holiday season in New York. It’s like a fairytale come to life!

3. Times Square

Who could go past the legendary Times Square on a trip to New York? It’s the beating heart of the city, filled with lights, pizzazz, and energy. Hang out at TKTS for discount tickets to Broadway shows, pay a visit to the Hershey’s store, or just sit on top of the famous red steps and breathe it all in. An attraction not to be missed!

4. Central Park

No matter the season, Central Park is always glorious. The world renowned man-made strip is so big it makes an indent in the NYC skyline, and looks really cool as you’re flying in to JFK Airport. Take a stroll through the leafy green boughs in Spring and Summer, enjoy the vibrant changing leaves and snow of the colder months, either way, the experience is like no other. Go in Winter and visit the ice-skating rink, it can’t be beat!

5. Broadway

No trip to New York is complete without a Broadway musical or play. The city is the theatrical core of the universe, and everything from classic Rogers and Hammerstein to every new-age composer imaginable is playing, all at the same time, seven days a week. Lining up at the TKTS stand in the freezing cold is all part of the fun, and the show you’ll see is well worth the wait!

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