5 Things To Do In London

Posted on: 29th February 2016

London is a magical, mythical city which should be on everyone’s bucket list. From shopping, to nightlife, to every iconic landmark, there truly is something for everyone. Here are five things to do in London you’d be mad to miss!

London Eye

Standing at an incredible 135 metres high, the London Eye can only be described as an epic Ferris wheel, for adults. On a clear day, it showcases 50 kilometre views, 360 degrees, and interactive tablets provide great information in six languages about landmarks as they appear on the skyline. And don’t worry about motion sickness; each rotation takes about 30 minutes, allowing the perfect pace for smooth travel. Just be sure you buy tickets online to beat the queues!

Westminster Abbey

You’d be hard pressed to find a building with more history than Westminster Abbey. Aside from being a beautiful place of worship, Every monarch since William the Conqueror has been crowned there, with the exception Edward V, who was murdered, and Edward VIII, who abdicated. At the heart of the Abbey is the gorgeously-tiled sanctuary, and a stage for coronations, royal weddings and funerals. In front of the ornate high altar is the Cosmati marble pavement, dating back to 1268. Funnily enough, the patterns on the altar predict the end of the world in AD 19,693! Definitely a mystical must-see!

Camden Market

Camden Market gets is one of London's most popular attractions, and gets a staggering 10 million visitors every year. Starting out as a collection of pretty craft stalls by Camden Lock on the Regent's Canal, it now extends from Camden Town tube station to Chalk Farm tube station. There are four main market areas; Buck Street Market, Lock Market, Canal Market and Stables Market, which boasts a huge variety of clothes, bags, bling, arts and crafts, candles, incense and numerous decorative tidbits. Don’t forget to sample some of the exotic cuisine on show!

Tower of London

The Tower of London, which is actually a castle of 22 towers, gives an insight into the gruesome, bloodthirsty side of British history. Two kings and three queens were executed here, as well as thousands and thousands of other prisoners from all facets of life. See the Yeoman Warders (or Beefeaters), the extraordinary Crown Jewels, and the infamous ravens who protect the city from destruction. As the saying goes, “If the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.” Spooky!

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Modeled almost exactly on the original designs, the new Globe Theatre is the only way to see the works of the legendary William Shakespeare performed. True to the old days, the theatre is open to the turbulent London skies, leaving the 700 ‘groundlings’ to stand in London’s sporadic and frequent downpours. Go on tours of the theatre every half hour (usually in the morning), and check out the exhibition space, which has fascinating exhibits about Shakespeare and theatre in the 17th century. You’d be mad to miss it!

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