5 Steps To Share Sweepstakes News On FaceBook Without Becoming A Pest

Posted on: 12th May 2014

There are many very interesting sweepstakes on FaceBook and most offer exciting prizes. However, many avoid entering these sweepstakes – in spite of the amazing prizes – because as soon as enter, you would have to share the sweepstake with their friends.

Anticipating that these announcements would annoy most friends, FaceBook users tend to avoid entering these sweepstakes or posting about them. Is this the reason why you are not using FaceBook for sweepstakes? If so, you will be happy to learn that you could eat your cake and have it too. In other words, you can play/ post sweepstakes on FaceBook without the risk of annoying your non-interested-in-sweepstakes friends. Here are 5 simple steps that will help you:


  • Step One - Log in Your FaceBook account and go to your “friends” page. To go there, you need to click on the “home” tab (top right side), and then click on “friends” link on the left side of the page.
  • Step Two – on “friends” page you will find a tab saying, “create a list”. Click on that tab.
  • Step Three – a dialogue box will pop up asking you to “enter a name”. Give this list a name which you could identify easily when you want to choose the group. For example, for friends you want to notify about sweepstakes, you could name as “Sweepstake Friends” or “My Sweepstakes”, or just “Sweepstakes”.
  • Step Four – browse through your friends list and choose – with a click - only those who you think would be interested to learn about sweepstakes and enjoy related news and information. You can add or delete names of your friends from this new list anytime you want – so do not worry if you miss out some friends or add some who may want off later on.
  • Step Five – test your new list. Choose a sweepstake/ or news about a sweepstake/ or referral of a sweepstake you want to share and type it on your status.  Before you post it go through the following steps:


o   Look for the “publish” button at the lower right side of the page;

o   Click once on the lock; then again click on “customize” button;

o   From the drop-down list, click on “specific people” option;

o   A box will pop up where you need to enter the name of your new list; for example, “Sweepstakes”.

o   Click on “save settings” and then “publish” button – and you should be done. Your announcement will be visible ONLY and ONLY to the friends you had listed on your “Sweepstakes” group.

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