5 Steps That Will Enhance Your Luck – Win Whatever You Want

Posted on: 8th April 2014

If you are a fan of contests, sweepstakes and competition you would always be praying for luck so you could win more often and better prizes. There are ways to enhance your luck and you will be surprise how easy these are:


  1. Think Positive – as the famous book, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne put it so aptly, positive thinking attracts positive outcome. Hence, think about everything you in positive terms. Think, “I have good chances to win this competition”; instead of “I will never win this wonderful vacation”. Keep thinking positive and you will attract good luck in your life and you will start winning big. Believe it.
  2. Visualize Winning – imagine that you get that special call where you are told that won the big one. Imagine the joy that will run through you at the news. Imagine what you will do with the prize. Imagine all the good things and hold that picture in your mind steady and real. With time, you will make the Providence give exactly what you visualized.
  3. Reinforce Affirmative Thoughts – most people who are yet to win something will tell you that they are hopeless at contests, sweepstakes or competitions as they do not have any luck. They would keep thinking and saying, “I am not lucky”, “I am such a loser” and so on. Instead, start your day by looking in the mirror and saying loudly and convincingly, “I am happy. I am lucky. I am loved. I am successful. I am a winner.”  Do this every day believing every word of it. In no time, you will find that your life changes for the better – and suddenly you are on a winning spree.
  4. Wear A Lucky Charm – per se the lucky charm has no powers. However, when the lucky charm is combined with your belief that it brings good luck, it would activate all the good forces in the Universe and pull in good luck and good tidings in your life.
  5. Feng Shui Your Home For Luck – this is an ancient Chinese science which is designed to harmonize your surroundings to maximize your well being, good  luck and prosperity. Learn how you could Feng Shui your place and improve the power of attracting good vibes for your home and you personally.
  6.  Work Harder And Harder – most successful people will agree to the statement that, the harder you work, the luckier you will find yourself. Enter as  many contests, sweepstakes, competitions you can and try to improve on the number every day. The harder you work at it, the more you will win.

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