5 Reasons Why Skill Contests Are Better Than Free Sweepstakes

Posted on: 14th April 2014

Free sweepstakes are always the most attractive to enter because they are (1) free, and (2) easy to enter. But are these easy to win? Just as you love these free sweepstakes for the above reasons, so are thousands of others; hence, you will be facing some very tough competition when you are entering these sweepstakes. To increase your chances to win prizes you need to get rid of as much as competition as you can. This is where skill contests are an excellent choice.

How Skill Contests Increase Your Chances To Win?

Skill contests limit the number of entries because some particular skill would be required to be eligible. Here is how these contests increase the odds in your favor:

  1. Cuts down the competition drastically – let us say the contests demands a haiku poem or a limerick. People who have no knowledge about these would not want to enter. This means that less number of people would compete for the prize – hence, the odds will be more likely to tilt in your favor.
  2. It Takes Time And Many Don’t Want To Waste It – there was a contest last year launched by Ford where the entry was required to have a 30 seconds video attached about a slogan. There were only about 30 entries in three months – and the prize was a brand new car.
  3. You Need More Than Luck To Win – “skill” contests means that you need to show some talent and also that judges would go through each and every entry submitted. Though luck will still be important, your skills and talent would also contribute to a large extent to your chances to win the prize. Hence, if you are good at the skill required your chances to win would increase manifold.
  4. The Feel Good Factor Is Better – there is a beautiful high when you win a skill contest since you know that it is more than luck that brought you that prize. Your talent, your skills, your efforts would be appreciated through the prize and that would give you a sense of pride and achievement.
  5. You Learn New Stuff And You Get Better At It – it is not necessary that you enter ONLY those skill contests where you already have skills. You could take time out and learn a few new skills to be able to qualify and enter contests that require skills that appeal to you. In this way you will end up with a new skill set and better chances to win future contests that require this particular – and ancillary – skill set.

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