5 Reasons To Visit Tahiti This Year

Posted on: 17th March 2016

Who doesn't love a tropical vaycay? It's the stuff daydreams are made of as you sit at your desk every day. Polynesia is a perfect example of a tropical paradise, and with a chance to win a trip Tahiti, why not plan ahead? Here are five reasons you need to visit Tahiti this year.

1. The overwater bungalows

Want to experience something truly iconic to the islands of French Polynesia? Try staying in one of the world famous overwater bungalows. Change into your swimsuits as soon as you arrive, and take dip right at your front door. Snorkel from your conveniently private sun deck, and gaze upon beautiful reef fish through carefully placed glass panels in the floors of the bungalows. In addition to all of this, you can have your breakfast delivered via a traditional dugout canoe by a true Tahitian. How amazing!

2. Tahitian pearls

What's a trip to paradise without a beautiful souvenir to remember it by? Tahiti is world famous for its priceless pearls. The beautiful jewels vary in size and shape, and can be collected at the many pearl farms on the island. You can tour a pearl farm on Rangiroa, Huahine or Manihi, or simply pay a visit to one of the many shops selling the gems to pick up a gorgeous memento.

3. Monoi Oil Massage

A soothing massage is the ultimate way to complete an indulgent vaycay. This touch of Tahitian luxury combines long, smooth strokes and fragrant monoi oil scented with vanilla, tiare blossoms, coconut, and more. Whether in a five-star spa resort (such as the Mane Spa at the Bora Bora Pearl Resort), or on the beach at sunset, an hour of pampering and relaxation is the perfect way to transition from sun-filled day to romantic evening!

4. Experience Polynesian culture

Polynesians are wonderfully friendly people, and more than happy to shaie their local culture with visitors. Get a taste of tropical life by viewing a number of very special performances, which display traditional Polynesian song and dancing. Not sure where to find it? Fortunately, many of the main resorts and hotels host evening shows, while guests chow down on a delectable buffet. It's worth checking out all the local festivals are on while you're there!

5. Try poisson cru

It’s always fun to try the local traditional cuisine when visiting a new place. Along with other traditional foods such as fish or pork cooked in a himaa or underground oven, breadfruit, and taro, poisson cru is described as the most delectable. It consists of raw tuna marinated in coconut milk and lime juice, and has a sweet, zesty taste. Enjoy it as a healthy and refreshing lunch, an appetizer, or a romantic dinner for two. Wish you were there right now? We certainly do!

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