5 Quick Tips To Win A Food Contest

Posted on: 1st August 2014

Food Contest TipsFood contests are fun to watch, but not always fun to do. To win a food contest a lot depends upon how you do it. Here are a few important tips that will help you win. These tips are for “who eats most” food challenges where the winner is he who eats most.

  1. Maximize The Capacity Of Your Stomach – to ensure that your stomach is prepared for the contest, eat your last meal before 18-22 hours from the contest time. The meal should consist of foods that are easiest processed such as grapes, watermelon, cabbage, or lettuce. Drink plenty of water.
  1. Learn To Control Your Body -  to your surprise, even after you stay off food for about 22-24 hours, you will find sometimes that you are not hungry when you are facing the contest. Do not worry; your body is ready to eat a big meal. Make up your mind about it and go for it. You need to find the exact time you need to keep off food to just start feeling hungry at the time of the contest. If you feel too hungry, it might sabotage your ability to eat the contest meal.
  1. Your Last Meal Intake Should Be Liquid – have a ready-to-do protein shake 4 hours before the appointed time and another 2 hours before. The liquid will give you enough energy and will keep your body from going into the ‘starving mode’ where it starts getting its energy from its muscle mass. You do not want to lose muscle mass and hence, it is important you do not forget about the liquid meal.
  1. A Workout Before The Contest Is A Super Idea – if you are working out regularly, you will know how hungry a workout can make you. Weightlifting or a good exercise session would be an excellent idea to improve your energy levels, and get you really “healthy” hungry and all excited about the contest.
  1. Practice So You Will Know And Understand The Signals Your Body Is Sending You – you need to recognize all the signals your body is sending you so you could train it to its highest capacity for winning the eating contest. For that you need to practice quite a few times. Do not worry if you do not win the first time. You will do better with every contest you take a part in. The more you practice, the closer you are to the winning the trophy.

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