5 Quick Tips To Recover After A Spicy Food Challenge

Posted on: 23rd August 2014

Spicy Food ChallengeWhen the challenge involves spicy food you are in for some very uncomfortable time afterwards. Though everyone reacts differently to spicy food, recovery is always slow and rough. Your mouth would feel like you have eaten broken glass and your body would feel like it went through a bad chemical experiment. Here are a few tips that would help you:


  1. Have Something In Your Stomach BEFORE The Spicy Challenge – the spicy food challenges are usually focused on how the spicy quotient rather than quantity, so you can have something down beforehand. This will mean less torture on your stomach afterwards and hence, easier and quicker recovery. Eat something high in fat content; or you can eat whatever you like. Just have something in your stomach; this will prevent a real bad stomach upset afterwards.


  1. Drink Or Eat Something High In Fat Content – spicy food uses peppers, and peppers contain a chemical named capsaicin that gives that burning sensation in the mouth. Though you feel like downing a barrel of water to calm the burning sensation, water will not help you. This is because capsaicin is NOT water-soluble but fat-soluble. In other words, only foods containing fat would be able to help you.  The best is iced high fat milkshake – both in taste and effect.


  1. Stomach Relief Drugs – be prepared for the fact that you will feel terrible for some time at least. The point is to find ways to minimize the time and level of discomfort. Drugs such as TUMS, Pepto-Bismol and the like can help you a lot. Everybody has his own preferences – use the one that suits you best. Nonetheless, be ready for some tough time because spicy food is trouble getting in as getting out.


  1. Sometimes, It Is A Good Idea To Throw Up – here the stress is on “sometimes”. Throwing up voluntarily is NEVER to be promoted; if done regularly, it will harm more than benefit you. However, if you have taken in a lot of hot, spicy stuff and you feel really uncomfortable, it might be a good idea to chuck it all up. Be prepared for a rough ride there too, because spicy food will burn its way in and its way out as well.


  1. Sleep It Off – your body has the capacity of recovering. You need to give it time. When with spicy challenges, you need to space yourself out well enough. The best thing to do after a spicy food challenge is rest. “Sleep it off” is perhaps the best advice you can get.



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