5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Chances To Win Sweepstakes

Posted on: 18th February 2013

It is not enough to enter the maximum number of competitions and sweepstakes every day to win. It is also important that you do it right. If you are entering even 30-50 contests/ sweepstakes and still not winning much or anything, you might be committing some of these common mistakes:

  1. Submitting Your Entry Without Reviewing It – this is very important. Especially when you are using auto-fillers. Sometimes, a tiny mistake that slips in with the auto-filler can disqualify your entry. It only takes a few minutes to run an eye over the entry before you click on the ‘submit’ button; be sure you always review your entry before submitting it.
  2. Losing Hope Too Soon – read what winners say about their experiences post winning big prizes. Most will say that they almost gave up, when bang – they won the big prize. Do not lose hope – not now, not ever. Keep entering; learn to do it better; learn how to do more – and keep at it. You will start winning soon. Believe it.
  3. Entering Contests That Offer Prizes You Do Not Want – do not waste your time entering sweepstakes for prizes you do not like or want. As luck would have you may end up winning just those very prizes – which besides the fact that you won, would give you no joy. Rather you would end with the headache of finding a way to get rid of them lucratively; plus sometimes you would have to pay taxes for these unwanted prizes making you feel like you actually lost more than you won. Focus your efforts on contests that offer prizes you covet.
  4. Not Entering Your Details Correctly – it is very important that you enter your correct details, i.e. name, address, age, nationality, etc. It is important because if and when you win, you would need to present proof of your identity and if these inconsistent with what you entered in your contest entry, you would be disqualified and hence, lose the right to claim your prize. This is definitely not worth the trouble; make sure that you fill in the right details.
  5. Not Reading The Fine Print – always read the instructions carefully and totally; right from top to bottom. Not reading the fine would put at risk of losing your prize for a minor technicality. Always pay attention to the rules and regulations that govern the contests; and follow them right to the letter.

If you are careful that you avoid these mistakes, you will find that your chances to win increase drastically.

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