5 Great Destinations For A Vacation With Your Children

Posted on: 6th April 2014

Family vacations are a time for bonding and having fun together. Hence, most families look for places where kids can enjoy their vacation just as much as adults do. Here are 5 great destinations that are guaranteed to offer your children some most wonderful memories of their childhood.


  1. Belize – this is an English speaking country and one of the most affordable Caribbean destinations. It offers some most remarkable and interesting beaches where you could enjoy the sightings of sea turtles, and growler monkeys among others; go for snorkeling; enjoy swimming holes; navigate underground rivers and so on. The accommodations often include a kitchenette which ensures that children can have the food they like, instead of depending on the local cuisine.


  1. Italy – this is a country where family – and children – are always welcome. The children will love the outdoors with its most fun-filled beaches, caves to explore, boat trips, and mountains for trekking. They would also be delighted with the food – the pizzas, the ice cream (which is famed to be the best in the world), macaroni, and pasta.


  1. Lapland – this is the country of Santa Claus; hence, there is no doubt that children would be delighted to visit this place. Enjoy moving around in sleds pulled by dogs, go ice-fishing, take snowmobiles trips, and in general have utmost fun with snow. You will find accommodation with self-catering facilities – in many places with their private boats which you can use to catch fish for your meals.


  1. New York City - children of all ages can enjoy a trip to New York City because there is something for all ages. There is the Bronx Zoo to visit, the Gorilla Forest and the Butterfly Garden which has a collection of more than 1000 butterflies and moths. Then there are the museums, the famous Central Park, the world’s greatest hot dogs and the famous NY Pizza. Everywhere you go in New York City you would have seen in some or other film, which is very exciting.


  1. Denmark – Tivoli Amusement Park is located in Copenhagen. Built in 1843, this is the fairy tales land for children with great fun rides, free music and exceptionally good food. Then there is also the LEGOLand in Center Jutland where you will find hundreds of famous buildings and world renowned landmarks recreated with LEGOs. LEGOLand has its own hotel which enables tourists to enjoy the amusement park without worrying about time.

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