5 Fragrances Every Woman Should Try Once in their Life

Posted on: 14th February 2014

The world of fragrances is so vast that it is almost impossible to choose just a few among the so many stunningly remarkable fragrances available today. Here are some that stand apart naturally and which every woman should indeed try at least once in their life:

1. Cepes & Tuberose By Aftelier – did you know the Afterlier was the first to reintroduce the all-natural fragrances in the world of perfumes? It is natural that one should mention this noteworthy perfume that exudes of earthiness and voluptuous beauty.

The top notes of this perfume is quite strong while the middle notes are calming and seductive with a mix of tuberose and wild mushrooms; it settles on a fancy and indescribable barnyard smell that most people find irresistibly sexy.

2. Antonia’s Flowers Tiempe Passate – this is a third fragrance manufactured by Antonia Bellanca who felt that none of the perfumes in the market did justice to the real smell of flowers. Named after a favorite 1920s song of her grandfather’s this is a uniquely appealing perfume that has notes blended from amber, vetiver, cedar, white orris, Montauk rose cyclamen, mimosa, sage, Clementine and bergamot.

The smell is very distinct and the blend is such that it allows you to identify each floral scent individually.

3. Bond No.9 Chinatown Perfume – this is a phenomenal fragrance that starts out with strong oriental flowery notes that melt into tuberose, gardenia, and a dash of peony. The down notes are heavy with spicy cardamom, vanilla and a whiff of patchouli. The combination is light and heavy at the same time; it has a floral nuance and it is woody at the same time. This is why this is a perfume that every woman should experience.

4. Calvin Klein Obsession – this was one among the bestsellers of the 80s and 90s when it reigned supreme and rightly so. It is extremely strong so you never need more than a 1-2 tiny sprays. It opening notes are strong and spicy, percolating into floral rich notes and settles into heady vanilla and amber that will refuse to leave your mind. No wonder it has been a bestseller for decades.

5. Chanel No 5 – no list is adequate or complete without a mention of this evergreen perfume. This unparalleled perfume touches your senses like a tease with a feather. It opens with aldehydes and moves to fresh cut summer flowers notes and ends on spicy, intriguing blend of sandalwood and amber. There is something about this perfume that brings out the woman in you.

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