5 Charities We Currently Heart

Posted on: 8th March 2016

In a world where so many live below the poverty line, in war zones, or with crippling health conditions, it’s a relief to know there are people who are determined to do something about it. Here are five charities we currently heart, working to make the world a better place!

1. World Vision

It’s hard to talk about global charities without mentioning World Vision. For six decades, they have been working towards eliminating poverty worldwide, and social injustice causing poverty. The organisation works with people of all cultures, faiths and genders to achieve their goals. Their methods include relief and development, policy advocacy and change, collaboration, education about poverty, with an emphasis on personal growth, social justice and spiritual values.

2. Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps was originally founded as Save the Refugees Fund in 1979 by Dan O’Neill. It was instigated as a response to Cambodia’s post-civil war “killing fields”. Although their focus has expanded to include more than victims of genocide, the institution still concentrates on areas in difficult transition, such as the Congo, Syria, Afghanistan, and Haiti. As 93 per cent of their staff is resident in the 46 countries they assist, Mercy Corps provides a wonderful boots on the ground initiative.

3. CARE International

Also striving to end global poverty, CARE was founded in 1945, and now reaches over 83 million people per year in up to 84 countries, and almost 1,000 separate initiatives. The company has an extensive history, which began shortly after the conclusion of World War II when it used to get transport care packages to war-torn Europe. After this successful venture, CARE redefined itself, and now works most with the world’s impoverished women, under the belief women have the greatest community reach, and therefore impact.

4. Acumen Fund

Acumen is original in the fact that instead of giving directly to the poor, it invests in companies who are committed to fighting poverty. Acumen Fund is a venture capital fund, and was formed when three philanthropists joined in 2001 with Cisco Systems Foundation, and seed capital from the Rockefeller Foundation. Originally, there were twenty founding ‘partners’, or donors who had this shared vision, and helped to make it a reality. Acumen’s global offices are located in New York, Accra, Nairobi, Mumbai and Karachi. In them, the group’s ideas are instigated through investments in complementary companies and their leaders. 

5. Partners In Health

This charity was co-founded by health and rights advocate Ophelia Dahl and Dr. Paul Farmer, who met while volunteering in Haiti. Partners in Health has a great presence not only in Haiti, but in nine other countries, and also serves the Navajo Nation. Their focus includes women, children, and mental health. They also combat drug-resistant tuberculosis, cholera, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and assist community health workers. 

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