5 Best Free iPhone Apps you Can’t Live Without

Posted on: 31st July 2013

Top Free AppsHere is a list of free iPhone apps that your phone really can’t do without! The best part about all of them is that they are all free.

Society Six:

This app in addition to being a great place to buy clothes, has some excellent free features. Every day they release new free wallpapers of their famous society 6 designs. This is great if you want the coolest artwork on your phone but don’t want to pay for it.


Public transit has never been easier with HopStop. Its a free application that finds bus schedules and routes. The app is responsive, accurate, and way more reliable than busing use Google maps.. In some cities it even has train information. Never get lost again while riding the public transit system.

Candy Crush:

This is a fun little game that combines puzzle solving ability with speed. Much like a twisted and challenging version of bejeweled with some additional exciting twists, this game will frustrate and entertain you for hours, making it easily one of the best apps for iPhone.


The most productivity related program on our lists of cool apps, Evernote is a beautiful blend of a word processor, note filing system, and cloud computer backup. Evernote allows you to effortlessly share text, audio, video, pdf, and many other file types between computer, iPad, and your iPhone. What’s even better, is when you update your files on your phone, the notes will update on your other devices and vice versa. This makes it great for creating shopping lists, sharing photos, and using your phone to get some work done.


This is the latest iPhone app to create waves. Couple is a way for couples to communicate, work together, and remember important dates. This application requires two accounts be made, which link up to each other. Two linked accounts can share lists, important dates, as well as take advantage of one of the best chat message systems that operates flawlessly between iPhone, and even between iPhone and Android. you can send pictures, videos, and even have shared drawing time. This app is designed to keep couples close and well informed, making it one of the best apps for iPhone.

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