5 Affordable Vacation Spots for College Students

Posted on: 17th January 2014

Students Affordable Vacation SpotsWhy not travel when there is still time? After all, after graduation who has time to squeeze in leisure vacation when there are resumes to create and job openings to grab? Here are five affordable vacation spots sure to quench the thirst of all college students out there for a memorable getaway before life begins.

# 1 Amsterdam – As low as $97 a night for a hotel in Amsterdam, this spot has become a fave for all college students despite its red-light district reputation. There are other interesting things to do in this city with an airport 4 meters below sea level. So before it disappears, as many scientists ominously predict because of global warming, college students are advised to partake of its unique architecture (most of the buildings are built on piles of massive stakes driven to the ground) and blend in with the local caffeine aficionados (an average resident has been reported to consume 3.2 cups a day).

#2 Albuquerque – As low as $74 a night for a hotel in Albuquerque, this spot is perfect for those who love having fun under the hot sizzling sun. Equally crackling is the place’s spicy cuisine (it’s the chili that makes the food so special) and a must-try Indian taco of fry bread base. As one of the oldest inland cities of the United States, college students should immerse themselves not only with the archaeology (the older prehistoric man was near the city) but also its natural and exotic environment (the Rio Grande River flows right through the city).

#3 Cape Cod – As low as $76 a night for an inn in Cape Cod, this place boasts of its dynamic coastline which offers several activities from sailing or snorkelling its 600 mile coastline to biking and exploring its 100 miles of trails. There are plenty of free, yes free, things to do in Cape Cod. The average curious college student can take advantage of a free tour in the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to learn about the vast aquatic life or soak in the sun or watch it set with the famous Chatham Lighthouse to inspire the poetic side of any human being. Or if you can’t take away learning during a vacation, partake of a free glass blowing demonstration being offered at the oldest glasswork business – Pairpoint – in Sandwich.

#4 Monterey – As low as $112 a night for budget hotels, this famous city which used to be for a very short period was the capital of California and Mexico, showcases the most amazing seaside views and ecological reserves of marine garden fish refuge (Point Lobos and Carmel Bay). For the history buff, visiting several of its museums is sure to give any college student a boost in appreciation for the city’s rich history. One worth mentioning is the National Steinbeck Centre, an interactive exhibit that tells about the renowned tale of The Grapes of Wrath.

#5 Bahamas – As low as $75 a night for hotel rates, a college student who wants to have fun under the sun can take advantage of several package deals being offered at the capital of Nassau which includes not only lodging but food and beverages. Also at Nassau are the historic 65-steps, solid rock, and staircase, adeptly named The Queen’s Staircase, built to commemorate the number of years Queen Victoria reigned. Or simply spend the days island hopping the 700 islands that make up the Bahamas region.

These five affordable and surprisingly near vacation spots are perfect for college students looking for an adventure to commemorate their independence from home and entrance into the adult world. They provide a temporary escape from the mundane and stressful life found in their everyday academic environment without breaking their pockets which is a good place of practice towards the real kind of independence to come, that of financial independence.

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