6 Ways To Use Your Winnings To Give Back To Society

Posted on: 22nd January 2016

Winning competitions is a serious thrill! With such a diverse range of prizes out there, from wine, to cars, to money, it’s no wonder people love entering them. But if you get lucky, shouldn’t you share it with other people? Never underestimate the benefits of paying it forward. Here are six ways to use your winnings to give back to society.

1. Donate to charity

Donating to charity is always incredibly worthwhile. If you win a super duper cash prize, why not give 10 per cent of it to a good cause? A little bit can go a very long way to improve the life of someone else.

2. Join a food drive

A food drive for the homeless is a great way to give back. Instead of giving a can or two, buy non-perishable food in bulk and give it to multiple food drives. That, or lump the whole haul into one drive! You’ll give hundreds of hungry people what so many of us take for granted; a decent meal.

3. Sponsor someone

Whether it’s a student, actor, athlete, or artist, there’s always an up-and-comer in need of financial backing. Check out fundraising campaigns online, or just ask around your local community. You never know which future star’s career you might launch!

4. Pay someone’s rent for a month

If you win big, why not help a friend in need? Imagine the relief a struggling friend or family member would feel if you chipped in to help them over the hill, until they got back on their feet. A great way to pay it forward!

5. Donate to science

There’s nothing nerdy about science. If you’re passionate about chemistry, physics, or anything else, why not become the benefactor of the latest scientific venture? From medical advances to climate change; there’s always something fizzing away in the test tube. Contact any university, hospital, or research centre. They’ll point you in the right direction!

6. Invest in education

There are plenty of schools out there struggling to make ends meet. Donating to schools in under-privileged areas will fund better facilities, services, and opportunities for kids. Imagine the difference you will make to a child’s life!

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