Posted on: 11th September 2013

Lottery winners Charlene and Hosea Person wore huge smiles as they accepted a check for $29 million dollars, a Michigan Mega Millions prize the couple won along with members of their lottery club in 2011. During a press conference in Lansing, Charlene shed a tear of joy, Hosea grinned, and other P1 Club members, all current or retired postal workers, were eager to talk about their wining strategy.

Winners Charlene & Hosea Person Lottery WinnerThe club wisely chose to play only Mega Millions, never failing to buy tickets for the twice-weekly drawing. Serious lotto players know their best chance of winning big is to stick to the jackpot games, pooling their money with trusted friends and co-workers. The Person's club is just the right size, 13 members; large enough to increase the odds of winning but small enough to ensure each member will win a sizable amount of money.

Any group of at least two individuals in Michigan can form a club to increase their chances of winning Mega Millions. The official Michigan Lottery website ( has helpful information for anyone who wants to start their own Lotto club and possibly join Charlene, Hosea and their friends in becoming rich overnight. Since the drawing isn’t held until 11:00 p.m., players really do have a chance to wake up and find they are suddenly wealthy.

According to an Associated Press article in the Traverse City Record-Eagle (, Charlene is quoted as saying, "It seemed like just a dream." after re-checking the numbers. Despite the Person's elation, the winners, both 48 years old, do not plan to retire early. In fact, all the members of the P1 Club, except the one retired member, plan on remaining working at the United States Postal Service in Romulus.

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