Posted on: 8th January 2016

Competitions are always great fun. Even if you don’t win, the excitement of entering, thinking about the prize, planning what you’ll do with it, and waiting in eager anticipation for the result are all part of the whirlwind experience. However, nothing beats the moment you get that phone call telling you you’ve won. So, how to increase your chances of actually winning? If you’re a competition junkie, here are three fabulous tips to be that lucky number one!

1. Make sure you fill out the form correctly

It sounds like stating the bleeding obvious, but filling out that form will make or break your entry. It’s all too easy in the heat of the moment to his the ‘OK’ button, not knowing you’ve missed a question, or forgotten a contact number, or filled in your address wrong. Go back over your entry multiple times to triple check everything is in its proper place, and take a deep breath before you give that mouse a final click.

2. Enter multiple competitions

Why would you only enter one, with one chance of winning, when you could enter multiple competitions and have multiple chances? Have  sniff around the internet; there are bound to be all sorts of similar prizes up for grabs on different websites. Why not enter them all, if only for the fun of it? Just be sure you don’t mix up your entries, it everything will become very convoluted.

3. Read the terms and conditions carefully

Again, it sounds like the bleeding obvious, but the last thing you want to do is unwittingly disqualify yourself because you didn’t read the fine print. Whether because you’re in the wrong location, the wrong age, or wrong timing, the most frustrating thing in competition is being disqualified for one little hiccup. So as boring as it might be, scroll down to the bottom of the page and read everything in front of you. It will pay off in the end.

So what are you waiting for? Get entering, and best of luck!

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