4 Tips To Get Them Drool Over Your Recipes

Posted on: 25th July 2014

Recipes TipsMost winners will tell you that cooking contests are as much about the taste of the dish as about presentation. To get that first prize you need to do much more than cook great; you need to become an artist at presentation. As some of the veteran winners of cooking contests would say, you need to get your dish dolled up as food soft porn to get there.

In other words, you need to get your judges drool over your recipes at the first sight. They should want to have it, no matter what. They should be totally captivated by what they see. Here are a few tips that will make your recipe look irresistible.

  1. Create The Romantic Mood – food can be as inspiring as any other object of art. In fact, you would have heard many times that cooking is one of the finest arts. Get your food look sensual. Imagine a cube of butter melting on hot pancakes and honey dripping tantalizingly; imagine steam curling up from a soup bowl where a ball of cream is sensuously blending in – and so on. Make your food look so inviting that it should compel the onlooker to reach out.
  2. Less Is Always More When Presenting Food – just as flavors in a food should not be too many, so is the presentation. Let the eyes focus on the promise of a great meal by highlighting the taste. Appetite is enhanced greatly by visual display. The person should “see” the taste before he actually tastes it. A little embellishment should be used especially to increase this anticipation.
  3.  Placement Is Important - You also need to pay attention where your dish is placed, i.e. the serving dish. Depending upon the recipe, the platform should say something about the food. Shorba served in a ceramic bowl is much more visually appealing than regular soup bowls. Wooden board for a juicy roast is far more attractive than if placed on a serving plate.
  4. Play With Texture And Color – the more color the more attractive the dish looks. If there is color in your dish, make sure you present it best when you serve it. If there is little color – like say, in a cake which is mostly light brown (albeit a very appetizing light brown) add a little color with raspberries, cherries, strawberries, or any other fruit that will add to its taste as well.

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