4 Places To Get Great Coffee In NYC

Posted on: 5th April 2016

New York City is a bustling, busy metropolis for tourists and locals alike. However, it doesn't matter how hectic your schedule, it's always good to sometimes stop and relax. Here are four spots to get great coffee in NYC to help you do just that!

1. The Smile Newsstand

On Bond Street in Tribeca, this quaint little café does some of the best brews you can get. The joint fronts a custom bike and timepiece accessories shop, and accentuates its high end vibe with smoked mirrors, gold plated lighting fixtures, and the ultimate chill-out ambient music. They also offer cold pressed juices and Brazilian coconut water in addition to the regular menu.

2. Birch Coffee

The first thing you'll notice at Birch Coffee are the lines trailing out the door, and for good reason. This cafe has an energy-plus-relaxation ambience, with accompanying tunes, fantastic coffee, and an empowering staff message board emblazoned with, “Kill it Today, #birchlovesyou”. What keeps the crowds coming back is the sheer quality of the coffee, especially their signature Kyoto drip iced beverage. If you're happy to brave the queues, this is the spot for you!

3. Abraco

Not only was this café a game changer for coffee spots in the city, it became one of the first 'destination coffee shops'; a pit-stop people visit purely for the quality of the coffee, and the delicious baked goods. There's not a lot of space, but coffee aficionados find any room they can occupy to enjoy some of the very best drip coffee in Manhattan. And as for the olive cookie; delicious!

4. The Queens Kickshaw

This Astoria hot-spot is famous for its food as well as its coffee, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to beer and wine. However, it still takes its coffee very seriously, offering four different pour-overs made from various beans. You can even grab a cold brew to-go!

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