4 Most Interesting Perfumes of 2013 You Must Try Out

Posted on: 18th February 2014

There is a niche that lies between the best and more popular perfumes of the year 2013. These perfumes would have figured on one or both lists, but they have a little extra – they are also very interesting in an intriguing way. Look up these special perfumes and choose one that matches your own very special and unique personality:

Women, Check These Out:

  1. Euphoria by Calvin Klein - Euphoria has been a big rage since the day of its launch. In spite of the runaway success, this perfume continues to evolve with the addition of new ingredients, which is what makes it one of the bestsellers of all times. The fragrance is a superb blend of the scent of lotus, amber, black orchids and wood that will excite and tease all the senses.
  1. Shi by Alfred Sung - This is a perfume that spells romance, love, tenderness and passion. It will make irresistible to all the men around you. Watch out for some extra attention from men when you wear this perfume.
  1. Chanel no 5 - Chanel No 5 is an ageless perfume that is synonymous with class, elegance and sophistication. This is a perfume that will intoxicate you with just one whiff.
  1. Attraction - As the name describes it, this perfume is highly attractive to men. This amazing fragrance is able to cast a dreamy spell on anyone and everyone who is around. If you are looking for the perfect office wear that can also be worn at parties, here is your best choice.

Men, these are for you:

  1. Indie Lumberjack – this is a fragrance that makes you feel you are in the midst of country-side meadows.  Smelling fresh and rejuvenating, this is a smell that you can never be tired off. It is the smell of the morning dew and freshly cut hay; it is smell of newly rain-soaked earth, and starry winter night; it is the smell of nature.
  1.  Odin 04 by Petrana – strong, powerful and enticing this is a great choice for men who like to leave a long-lasting impression on their dates. Manly yet suave, this scent is like a promise of something better to come. Affordable and enchanting this fragrance is a winner all the way.
  1.   Mambo by Liz Claiborne – an amazingly fresh smell, this is a fragrance that even women would love to wear. Light yet significantly piquant it creates an air of excitement all around.
  1. 1 million by Paco Rabanne – a hot favourite for both young and old men alike, this is a fragrance that creates hot passionate images in your mind. Indescribably powerful and potent, this scent is designed to leave an indelible mark on the heart of your date.

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