4 Great Places You Should Travel To In 2014

Posted on: 7th February 2014

This is for all those who simply love travelling discovering and rediscovering the beauty this planet offers in every season and every type of geographical location. Here are some of the most interesting spots you should aim to visit in 2014:

  1. Riviera Nayarit, Mexico – this is a sun, sand and sea combination in an until very recently discovered part of Mexico. Its major attraction is derived from the exquisitely preserved colonial houses, virgin beaches, surfing waves, and most remarkable nature lovers experiences such as watching whales, turtles nesting, migratory and local birds and many more. The crowds have not yet caught up with this exquisite location and it is hence, still unspoiled by the “tourist attack”. This is going to change soon; so, this is the best time for you to enjoy this beautiful destination.
  1. India – a world in its own beauty, India is a superb destination and one that has become more affordable than ever now with the rupee falling to 62 per dollar. Kerala for its stunning natural beauty and ayurvedic treatments/ massages, Sikkhim for its all organic produce and stunning scenery, Goa for its amazing beaches and non-stop fun and frolic atmosphere, Pondicherry for its French-Indian mix and so many others. Women should not really travel alone in India; and even when traveling as a couple, should be very careful about personal safety especially when visiting non-tourist towns/ locations.
  1. Berlin, Germany – 2014 celebrates 25 years completed since the hated Berlin wall fell and West and East Germany become one. The commemoration would be almost as historic as the real thing with helium balloons recreating the wall which will be released together to mark and celebrate the unity the people of East and West Germany feel today. Even without this remarkable celebration, Berlin a fun city which will leave you happy and relaxed in every possible manner. Besides it is far more affordable than any of the famous European cities such as Paris or London.
  1. Richmond, Virginia, United States – this is a beautiful destination for those who love farm-to-table restaurants and some stunning natural locations and activities. You will have here for the most adventurous, the white-water river rapids which will take you right through downtown. This year Richmond will commemorate the 150th anniversary of some of the biggest of the civil battles Virginia State experienced. There is plenty to see and visit for the history buffs as the State has many mementos of that destructive period.

This is definitely an indicative list and of course, there are many more most-wonderful ever-green destinations such as Rio de Janeiro, Taiwan, Bali, Scotland, Liverpool (of the Beatles fame) and so on; but this is a good list to start with.

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