3 Ways You Can Give Back To The Victims of Brussels

Posted on: 30th March 2016

The whole wold has been affected by the tragic attacks in Brussels. However, there are things you can do to help. Here are three ways to give back to the victims of Brussels.

1. Provide shelter and transportation

Sometimes the simplest needs are the most important. If you're in Brussels, there are plenty of hashtags trending on social media for people who are stranded, and need a place to stay, or transportation. Anyone who wants to help should use the hashtags #ikwilhelpen, #BrusselsWelcome, #OpenHouse and #PorteOuverte, to let people know you're there to help!

2. Check on loved ones

If you have loved ones in Brussels, you'll want to make sure they're safe and well, the Belgian Red Cross has set up a website allowing friends and relatives to search for people in Brussels. Also, people who are in Brussels can use the 'check in' feature to let people know they're okay. In addition, the Belgian Crisis Centre has established a phone number for people outside Belgium to call for information and updates: +3278151771.

Of course, Facebook has activated its safety check feature. This also allows people in Brussels to check in and let people know they are alive and well.
3. Make a donation
Finally, a great way to give back is to make a donation. The ever-popular GoFundMe has initiated a campaign to raise $100,000, and has personally contributed $25,000 and all transaction fees to the fund. Its website states "once an official charity for the victims has been established, we will transfer all funds there."
However, donations don't have to come in the form of money. The Belgian Red Cross is asking for blood donations in Brussels. The blood types most needed are O negative and A negative, so if you know your blood type, for it! The Red Cross is also accepting monetary donations, which will fund equipment and victim assistance.
In addition, YouCaring has created a fund to help survivors, witnesses, and victims' loved ones receive immediate and long-term emotional support. All funds raised go towards the Survivors Assistance Network, which is providing the services.

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