3 Reasons Why Giving Back Feels So Good

Posted on: 29th February 2016

It’s human nature to love receiving. Whether it’s money, prizes, gifts, or smiles; being given something is always fun. However, you’ll get just as much joy giving back. Here are three reasons why giving back feels so good!

1. You know you’ve done something good

Never underestimate that wonderful feeling when you know you’ve made a positive impact. From buying a homeless person a meal, to donating to charity, even to throwing someone a smile in the street if they look unhappy, doing a good deed brings a special kind of joy. Remember; giving is always better than receiving!

2. You see the benefits

Aside from the act of giving, you actually get to see its effects. Imagine sponsoring a child and getting a letter outlining just how much you’ve helped them. Think of the grateful smiles you’ll get when you volunteer at that homeless shelter. You can more of a difference than you think; you just need to take the first step.

3. You share other people’s happiness

The funny thing about human beings is they share emotions. See someone crying, you can’t help but feel a bit sad. See someone laughing, you’ll want to giggle along with them. But if you see someone happy, you’ll feel every bit of it, more so than anything else. So why not do something to make people happy? After all, you’ll get a slice of that happiness back!

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