26 Year's Old Woman: America's Biggest Single Lottery Winner $590m Powerball Jackpot Ticket

Posted on: 30th August 2013

Win LotteryJust a while back, the largest jackpot winner was announced to be a 26 year old lady. With just one power-ball jackpot ticket, the Florida based resident won the $590 million jackpot after having bought the ticket at the Publix supermarket. Though she is the first biggest winner of all times, there have been a number of other lottery winners who have also won a significant amount of money for only having bought a lottery ticket.

Although some people believe that winning the jackpot is out of sheer luck, the reality is that, winning has got to do with so much more other than just luck. For instance, one cannot expect to be one of the winners when they have never bought a lottery ticket. Aside from buying a ticket, there are other significant guidelines that one ought to adhere to in order to make them more likely to win. These include:

• Teaching yourself the basics behind lotteries in terms of the different games that are available, the rules that govern them, their winning probabilities as well as their variations, odds, expected values and combinations. It’s is therefore best to take part in games that you understand the rules governing them.

• One should further be able to calculate the expected value of their tickets or cards beforehand. This makes it easier for one to determine what their chances of winning are.

• Similarly, it’s worth knowing what the value of the ticket is. This can be determined by first inquiring whether the tickets have additional value which is usually in terms of bonuses.

• To increase one’s chances of winning, you need to be aware of the how the jackpots are governed. For instance, larger and progressive jackpots are worth betting on for they tend to give a higher payout.

• Since all money won has to be taxed, one also has to consider the tax implications in case they are announced winners.

• Lastly, it’s advisable for one to treat their ticket(s) as a donation or a form of entertainment. This is to help one see the positive side of the game just in case you don’t win the jackpot.

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