25 or less Competitions – 8 Tips And Tricks To Win

Posted on: 16th March 2014

Out of all the competitions, contests and sweepstakes this one is perhaps the most fun to enter.  People who have a creative streak would love the challenge and the promise of reward as well. Look up these types of competitions and enter as many as you can. Here are few tips and tricks that will help you:

  1. Be Creative and Innovative – the need something that is not run of the mill. This should have you at your creative best. Do not worry if you run short of inspiration when you need it most. Have a brainstorming session at home, workplace (if you can) or with your friends over a cup of coffee or dinner.  Work on out-of-the-box ideas.
  1. Use Humor – nothing is more attractive than something that makes the reader laugh. If you have a funny bone, use all your talent to write your entry from a humorous point of view. Make the reader laugh aloud.
  1. Use Sarcasm – some say sarcasm is twisted humor, but you will fund that most people are in love with this form of humor completely. If you want to win, do not criticize the product or service that sponsors the contest.
  1. Mention The Product – often these contests are run to get the best shot at some good entries for advertising of the product. Include the name of the product or service and you will increase your chances to win.
  1. Poetry Is Fun Too – just a rhyming jingle or two lines of poetry that touch your heart is also a good idea to use. Other than humor it is the sentimental stuff that stands a chance. Find your angle and write a poem or rhyming verses.
  1. Always Use Your Own Stuff – never copy from anywhere – Net, advertisements, poems, etc. It does not work that way. Even if it escapes the notice of the judges and you win, you will have a terrible time afterwards and/ or lose the prize.
  1. Use Multiple Entries – some of these competitions allow for multiple entries. Wherever they do, send as many entries as you can. With every new entry you gain one more chance to win. If they do not allow it, do not enter with fake name as this will backfire if you win.
  1. Enter Only Genuine Contests - trash those that come into your inbox unsolicited. Check carefully to ensure that the contest is legitimate and not a scam.

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